A Holiday Engagement

DVD Release: October 16, 2012
A Holiday Engagement


Hillary Burns (Sommerville) is always struggling in life and love while constantly feeling the pressure to marry from her demanding mother, Meredith (Long). This holiday season, she thinks she finally has it right but when Hillary’s fiancé suddenly breaks up with her, she scrambles to find a fake fiancé. After posting an ad online, she hires David (Bridges), an out-of-work actor to pose as her fiancé in front of her mom, her dad (McMurray) and her snobbish sister Trish (Duff). Her fake engagement starts to unravel when she realizes she’s in over her head and begins falling for David.

Dove Review

This is a funny movie which will have the viewer rooting for true love to prevail! Hillary Burns (Bonnie Sommerville) is engaged to an attorney named Jason (Chris McKenna) who seems to have little spare time for his future bride. He is constantly on the phone and, when he is certain he will be promoted to a job which will require him to move to Pittsburgh, he assumes Hillary can uproot herself with no problem. When she hesitates, he unceremoniously dumps her.

Hillary has promised her mother she is coming home for Thanksgiving with Jason so the entire family can meet him. Fearful of disappointing her mother, she posts an on-line request for someone to impersonate her fiancé for the weekend and she will reward the man with two tickets to Mexico which she won in a radio contest. She meets an out of work actor named David (Jordan Bridges), who does at least have a job working at a diner, and she promises the tickets to him if he will accompany her to her parents’ home. He does and then the running joke becomes the two of them trying to make the deceptive story work. They pull it off pretty well except two unexpected things occur: one, they develop true feelings for each other and two, the real Jason shows up at Hillary’s parents’ home. How will this potential tragedy work out? You will have to watch it to find out but get ready for both funny and touching moments in this comedy/drama. Despite the ruse, the couple comes clean in the end. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. This holiday-based movie is perfect for a good watch any time of the year!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Kissing by a few couples; a woman makes a video to get a man to pose as her fiancé and she says in a sexy voice, "I will do anything for a man this Thanksgiving, anything!" but then she bursts out laughing; two unmarried people posing as a couple sleep in the same room but not in the same bed.
Language: G/OMG-12; P-1; Crap-2; Jerk-1; Idiot-1
Violence: None
Drugs: The drinking of wine and champagne; a comment about margaritas; a woman holds a cigarette but we do not see her smoke.
Nudity: Shirtless men; shirtless man seen with tattoos; mild cleavage; man seen in underwear.
Other: A man and woman tell several lies to pose as a couple but they admit their deception in the end; a lot of the film's humor is based on the man and woman acting a like a couple but then things really change for them by film's end; a man in a costume falls but he is okay; a woman wonders if she should have her children baptized when they are born but says she will leave it up to them; a priest plans to marry a couple although the woman is Catholic and he is Jewish and he plans to pretend he had a conversion.


Company: Gaiam/Vivendi
Director: Jim Fall
Producer: Johnson Production Group/Tim Johnson
Genre: Christmas
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter