Night Flight (Novel)

Book Release: September 4, 2012
Night Flight (Novel)


Glenna and Gregg Rider want a puppy. Instead, their father adopts Blaze, a mature dog. The teens are shocked when Blaze confronts some criminals making counterfeit money. The men are arrested and the teens learn what their parents never told them. Blaze is a retired law enforcement dog.
Glenna and Gregg take refuge at their grandparents’ home in Florida where their lives become filled with mystery and intrigue. When the teens put Blaze to work as a crime fighter, they risk losing the dog they love. Hold on for thrills as Blaze reveals a surprising twist.

Dove Review

This book should appeal to the teen market for the most part, although it might reach some young adults too. The story is basically a spy mystery, and includes teen Glenna and her brother Gregg. They befriend a boy named Mason who learns he has cancer and when Greg begins earning money from tips to the secret observers, he and Glenna become determined to raise enough money to save Mason’s life. The dog Blaze joins the journey and is a special dog, a retired dog who worked for the government, sniffing out currency used by drug cartels to further their plans and evil designs.

I found the references to God and the Bible and prayer to be inspirational as well as the desire of Gregg and Glenna to lead Mason to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It’s nice that the book’s story is orchestrated in a family-friendly way, as there are few content issues to mention. It is said that one of the characters, Krystal, has a mother who was hooked on crack and that Krystal was a crack baby. But she finds happiness by story’s end. The mystery of a man named Cain and other suspicious characters keeps the story interesting as the reader reads ahead to learn of the fate of various characters. We are pleased to award this book the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages. The conclusion of the story is powerful!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Idiots-1; Dumb Dog-1
Violence: A driver with road rage jumps out of a car with a baseball bat but the teen driver, a girl and her father, get away safely; a man throws a pail at a dog and brings some blood to his face but he is okay; a dog shows some aggression toward a man but we learn why later on.
Drugs: Mention of drug cartels and people involved in them; a girl says her mother used crack and that she was a crack baby; a man lights a cigarette and smokes.
Nudity: None
Other: A man is thrown into a vehicle's windshield by Federal agents and hand-cuffed; a boy says his father doesn't celebrate or believe in the birth of Jesus but the boy is witnessed to by believers; a boy has nose bleeds from cancer; a boy goes through chemo treatments for his cancer and his friends worry about him; it's stated a woman was sold to crooks in Columbia.


Company: Micah House Media, LLC
Writer: Diane and David Munson
Genre: Fiction
Industry Rating: YoungAdult
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter