Dad the Hero On Vacation

DVD Release: January 13, 2012
Dad the Hero On Vacation


Jim Cummins (Jamey Sampley) only has one vacation a year. But with a carefully planned schedule, he should be able to drive to California and back with his family in ten days.

However, a lot happens along the way that is not on his schedule — bank robbers, speeding tickets, snakes, a bear, and…

When Jim finds himself locked behind bars in a remote county jail, ran by a laid-back sheriff’s department, he starts to look at his vacation plans through new eyes.

Will Jim and his family make it to California?

Follow the Cummins family on this hilarious family comedy across the states as they learn how important family relationships truly are.

Dove Review

Here is a story a lot of families will relate to. Jim Cummins takes his family on vacation to California but he is so worried about money that he doesn’t relax, and won’t let them relax either. He inadvertently winds up in jail. He finally realizes his tense attitude is spoiling everyone’s fun and he decides his family should enjoy the vacation so he lightens up.

The movie features humorous moments, such as a bear in the park coming up behind Jim’s wife and she thinks it is Jim. In another scene a man who looks like a middle-aged hippie with long hair plays a guitar and then stops and pulls a wig off and he is bald. In addition to the humor, the film features a couple who rob a bank and they are forced to face the music. And it’s because the family comes together that the couple is stopped.

This movie definitely shows the importance of family and we are pleased to award our Dove Seal to this film for all ages. The very young might not enjoy it as much but kids seven and up will have fun with it. It’s a family movie with a family message and that’s a neat thing.

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss; when a bear comes up from behind and touches a woman's shoulder she says, "Jim, stop, you said we didn't have time for this."
Language: None
Violence: Boys wrestle and fight but no one is seriously hurt.
Drugs: Campers are seen drinking beverages which look like pop but it is not clear.
Nudity: None
Other: A couple robs a bank; a robber steals a truck; a robber runs through a stop sign; a man who stops at a property to ask for directions has a man shoot in his general direction and he runs back to his vehicle; some tension between a few couples who argue; a character kicks a tire and hurts foot; man hanging from cliff falls but is fine; man gets a speeding ticket; man winds up in jail.


Company: Take 7 Films
Producer: Jamey Sampley
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter