Derby Dogs

DVD Release: January 22, 2013
Derby Dogs


Against his mother’s wishes, Ben will secretly enter the local soapbox derby to best school bullies. With a rag-tag group of friends, the 12-year old will encounter a crazy cast of characters while building and racing his own car! Filled with laughs and heart-pounding racing, Derby Dogs is a winning adventure for the whole family!

Dove Review

This movie inspires as it tells the story of a boy named Ben who is determined to win for his father. In the movie Ben’s father dies and he is determined to make a soap box racer as they planned. His grandfather had won races but his father never had and the son wants to win to keep the name Walker alive. The story takes place in Nelson, New Zealand.

The themes include determination, family devotion, playing fairly and friendship. There are a few content issues including a boy lying to his mother but she learns it is because he is determined to build the racer and keep his father’s memory alive. There is also a bit of name calling among the kids as well as fighting.

This story will have you cheering by film’s end! Ben enters the local trolley derby against great odds. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus. See it soon.

Content Description

Sex: A couple kisses; a husband playfully slaps his wife's rear.
Language: Name calling including slang for female genitalia; Butt-1; Dip Stick-1; Shut-up-1; Idiot is used several times.
Violence: A teen races in a car in anger to run down a boy but he is stopped and has waste thrown on his car and it gets on his T shirt; a kid punches kid; a kid takes a kid's lunch and a man chases him; a man grabs a boy by the collar; kid loses control of car; kid drops tire on man.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage; Bare midriffs.
Other: The death of a main character and grief; a few people step in human waste; a boy knocks over a girl's molecules in class; a boy lies to his mother several times but she confronts him with it; kids cheat in race; a teacher says that if you don't win you are a loser; loan sharks.


Company: Screen Media
Director: Tony Simpson
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter