The Tails of Abbygail: The Adventures of Pookie Lu Little…and more!

DVD Release: November 20, 2012
The Tails of Abbygail: The Adventures of Pookie Lu Little…and more!


Episode 6: The Adventures of Pookie Lu Little – Abbygail’s baby sister, Abba Little, and her cousin Pookie Lu, are so excited they can’t sleep! Why? Abbygail needs their help! The two friends must get dressed, finish up their homework, clean up their room and pack up their suitcase, (after a big warm bubble bath) for their journey on the school bus to meet their new friends in Abbytown. With a few fun stops to make along the way, this cute adventure is filled with new friends to fall in love with, and fun songs to sing! Wouldn’t you like to come along?

Episode 7: You’re a Good Dog – The live action, storytelling series of “The Tails of Abbygail” continues as Pookie Lu and Abby Little visit an animal shelter where they meet and make plans to adopt a new “fur-ever” friend. At the same time, a little dog named “Mimo” searches for her little sister, Shorty Pants”, down by the train tracks, and she too, rescues a new “fur-ever” friend along the way. Pirate Dog and Skully are at the back cashing in their loot. Then it’s off to the Dog Spa! Somehow or another, all of these dogs will end up coming together as one big happy family. Do you want to find out what happens next? Stay tuned for Episode 8 of “The Trails of Abbygail” and find out for yourself!

Dove Review

Here are two new adventures in “The Tails of Abbygail” series. As in each adventure the cute little terriers teach important lessons that your family can share with all members.

In episode six Abbygail ask for help from members of her family as she is busy taking care of Grandma. So Pookie Lu Little and Abba Little prepare for this trip and make sure that they have everything packed, their homework is done and help each other before they leave. Then they begin the adventure and along the way teach about bus safety, being a leader and also how to have a little fun.

In episode seven the travel continues to their destination. Pookie Lu and Abba make new friends, rescue a German Shepard that was being cruelly chained up and teach the import process of adopting a puppy. In the meantime Mimo is looking for his lost little brother Shorty Pants and Pirate Dog gets groomed.

There are many values for you and your family taught through the adventures of these charming dogs. We award these advenutres the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Dog searching around trains and railroad tracks.


Company: Kid Vid Entertainment. LLC
Director: Terri Lynn Link
Producer: Terri Lynn Link
Genre: Children
Runtime: 60 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe