Kiss the Frog (Manuscript)

Kiss the Frog (Manuscript)


Every man has two nations – his own and France.

Dove Review

Here is a terrific story about France! The romantics in heart will enjoy it. Jackie Eberhardt learns she had a father she wasn’t aware of due to her mother’s “fling” years before. She goes to France and has it within her power to sell an inherited estate. She winds up meeting a man named Arnaud and he changes her life. She soon makes some decisions that she thought she would never make.

This is a well-written story which people of romantic and travel interest will particularly relate to. One of the strengths of the writers is the ability to make realistic characters. We are recommending the story for ages twelve plus as it contains a few utterances of language and a few sophisticated themes including romantic inclinations. It also contains the theme that one shouldn’t judge someone too quickly as they just might surprise you and also it makes the point that relationships can become complicated. To the author, as long as the content does not change from where it is we believe a film based on this manuscript could be Dove approved as well. We look forward to the day when you send the movie to us by DVD! Four Doves from us!

Content Description

Sex: A comment about an "illicit" relationship; kissing; the mention of "young lust" and a woman purposely reveals more cleavage.
Language: Good G-1; H-4; S-1; Slang for testicles-1; a comment mentioning male genitalia-1
Violence: A man is kicked in the groin.
Drugs: A few drinking scenes including bourbon, wine and champagne; the mention of beer; a female character is passed out with wine bottles next to her.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: A few "I hate you" comments; a few "I will kill you" comments; tension and characters glare at each other.


Company: RendezVous Films LLC
Director: Kevin Dole
Genre: None
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter