Pivot Point

DVD Release: August 14, 2012
Pivot Point


Pivot Point…is the moment where you make a life changing decision that dramatically alters your future.

This psychological drama follows four high school students on their journey to adulthood discovering their Pivot Point. Starring Levi Cox and Alexis Hughes, this motion picture depicts a collage of teenage life filled with school, classmates and book reports.

Each consumed with their own thoughts and dreams they soon discover that their lives are interconnected in ways they never would have imagined with devastating consequences.

A school shooting erupts, confusion and guilt flood the minds of everyone. What could have been done to prevent this?

Dove Review

“Pivot Point” dramatically and fairly graphically shows what can happen when decisions are made. The pivot point is that moment when our decisions lead us toward a destiny and it can be good, based on the decision, or it can be bad. Lucas is a young high school student that lives with an abusive father, a mother who doesn’t understand, and a younger sister that he does love. There is tension in the home and constant fighting between his mom and dad. Tyler Danyla does a very good job in portraying Lucas and his inner turmoil. In other plots a young teen named Candice candidly discusses the fact she had sex with her boyfriend and thought at one point she was pregnant. Another girl admits she has had sex too, saying she was really nervous her first time. The movie features a subplot with a man who was molested by a neighbor when he was younger, struggles with porn on the internet and has homosexual tendencies which frightens him.

This film features depressing moments in spots and includes an accident and the death of two characters. Yet the ending does show that we can change, we can keep hope alive, and it all comes down to our decisions, and our pivot points. Unfortunately, due to a few bloody scenes and frank sexual talk, we are unable to award “Pivot Point” a Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: A teen girl admits to having had sex with her boyfriend and she thinks she is pregnant at one point; another girl mentions that she had sex with her boyfriend too; a young man pressures a young girl for sex but she refuses; a few frank comments about sex and slang for having sex; a young man says he was raped by a neighbor several times and he struggles with porn on the internet (no graphic scenes) and homosexual tendencies; a report on TV says a certain church denomination is going to allow homosexual clergy.
Language: G/OMG-2; P.O.-1; Frickin-1; Freak-1; Fag-1; Sucks-1; Geez-1; Butt-1
Violence: A young man shoots several students at his high school and this includes bloody scenes of students, including blood on the head of a student after he is shot in the face, and on his body and on the floor; a teen girl slits her wrist and blood is seen on her arm; a young man holds gun to his own head and shoots self as a flash of light is seen; a young man wields a knife and is grabbed by his father and slammed against the wall which results in him having a bloody nose; a young man shows his younger sister how to shoot a gun; a few characters twirl a gun around or carry one; a terrible car accident with a car hit hard and turned on its side and glass shattered; blood seen on woman's head.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless young man with bare shoulders seen; young man in shower with part of upper body seen.
Other: A teacher says he doesn't believe in a higher power but believes that people need to come together to build things up; tension between several characters; tattoos seen on kid's arm; death and grief.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Zach Meiners
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter