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Approved for 12+

Not Today

Limited Theatrical Release - Caden Welles has the world at his disposal. With the resources of his wealthy father, he's living life as large as any 20-year-old could dream. But what happens when that dream becomes a nightmare halfway around the world?

Traveling with his friends to Hyderabad, India on a whim, Caden's expectations of a never-ending party crash hard. But not as hard as his conscience when he refuses to help a starving man and his little girl. Haunted by the images of Kiran and Annika, Caden attempts to right his wrong—only to discover Kiran has been forced to sell his own daughter.

Caden's eyes are now opened to a world few Americans know still exists: a thriving human-trafficking trade. Add the dehumanization of Kiran and hundreds of millions of other Dalits due to India's caste system, and Caden could easily turn his back.

Yet spurred by a true purpose, an unlikely new friendship, and the prayers of his mother and girlfriend back home, Caden chooses to help in Kiran's unlikely search to find his daughter.

Starring Cody Longo, Walid Amini, Shari Rigby, and John Schneider, NOT TODAY challenges moviegoers with a purpose that goes beyond its gripping story. The movie was produced by Friends Church Yorba Linda, a congregation committed to educating the Dalits and ending human trafficking in India.

NOT TODAY is a powerful reminder that change is possible if we're willing to open our eyes ... today.
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Positive Rating

Dove Review

This movie offers hope for those who are part of the 27 million worldwide that are enslaved. This story focuses on a character named Caden (Cody Longo) who is a fence straddler as a Christian. His girlfriend Audrey and his mother and stepfather encourage him to seek God but Caden has had a problem with God ever since his parents divorced. He drinks and is the typical teen rebel. Yet a trip to India changes his life. A native man is hungry for food for himself and his daughter but Caden refuses to give them money. Yet he can’t keep the little girl’s face out of his mind and he can’t sleep at night.

His stepfather Luke (John Schneider) suggests he pray and look for the opportunity to help and Caden becomes determined to rescue the young girl, Annika (Persis Karen), no matter what the cost. This is a movie which could be depressing as we learn about seven year old children who are turned to prostitution to make adults a lot of money. But people like Caden offer hope and they light a candle in the darkness. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus. It offers hope, the ultimate goal of the gospels.

Dove Rating Details




A car hits a bike but no one is hurt; a few thugs punch a man but he is okay.


It is said young girls are forced into prostitution and enslaved; husband and wife kisses.


"Oh god"-1


A car hits a bike but no one is hurt; a few thugs punch a man but he is okay.


A few drinking scenes involving young adults, probably some underage drinking but a young man changes and surrenders his life to God.


Shirtless man; mild cleavage.


A young man lies to his girlfriend and says he is not drinking when he is but he changes later in the film; tension between boyfriend and girlfriend; a man and his daughter are hungry and the father yells at the girl one time in frustration; a young girl is sold into slavery; a man dreams that a man flees with his daughter; a young man is told he is running from God and he says that God starting running from him first; tension between a husband and wife; a native in India unsuccessfully attempts to steal a camera.

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