Home Run (Novelization)

Book Release: March 1, 2013
Home Run (Novelization)


Baseball star Cory Brand knows how to win. But off the field, he’s spiraling out of control. Haunted by old wounds and regrets, his future seems as hopeless as his past.

Until one moment—one mistake—changes everything. To save his career, Cory must go back to the town where it all began. His plan is simple: coach the local Little League team, complete a recovery program, and get out as fast as possible. Instead, he runs headfirst into memories he can’t escape … and the love he left behind.

Faced with a second chance he never expected, Cory embarks on a journey of faith, transformation and redemption. And along the way, he discovers a powerful truth: no one is beyond the healing of God.

Based on the motion picture starring Vivica A. Fox and Scott Elrod, Home Run is an inspirational story of the hope God offers each of us.

Dove Review

I enjoyed “Home Run” so much that I read it in one sitting! The story immediately drew me in, and I found myself rooting for the deeply troubled protagonist to turn his life around. On the outside Cory Brand seems to have it all: money, fame, success, women. But on the inside, he is alone and severely broken.

Just when I thought he was a hopeless cause, Cory began to break through. I appreciated that the author accurately portrayed the desperation and destruction of the character’s alcoholism and rage without divulging explicit details. The author also didn’t oversimplify the protagonist’s recovery, nor did he apply a “Jesus bandage.” You see Cory’s hard work, his fledgling faith, his missteps, and his gradual life change.

Through the surrounding characters, you understand the heartache and hopeless feelings of those who love an alcoholic, as well as the reality that only God can reach him. As Cory asks for forgiveness and does the hard work of recovery and rebuilding trust, his family and support group surround him with love. “Home Run” is a well-told story of suffering and loss and the power of God’s love and forgiveness.

We heartily recommend this story of forgiveness, healing, and redemption and are pleased to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages of 12 and over. While themes include alcoholism and drinking occurs, it is never portrayed in a positive light and consequences are obvious.

Content Description

Sex: Multiple references to one night stands; couple has sex before marriage and a child out of wedlock; man shares story of porn abuse; man recalls kissing stranger in bar; woman shares about childhood sexual abuse by father; couple embraces. (None of the inappropriate behavior is glorified or approved of by the characters in the story)
Language: Freaking–2; Fart–2; Dang–1; Stupid–3
Violence: Boys fear their father; man has multiple anger explosions, kicking things, screaming, punching another man; child accidentally elbowed in nose and bleeds; memory of father beating child; drunken man screams at child; drunk driving accident resulting in broken bones.
Drugs: Alcoholism shown; prescription drugs; boys drink parents’ liquor; drunk driving; smoking cigarettes; man shares story of abusing meth.
Nudity: Shirtless man; boy in boxers; woman in skin-tight clothes.
Other: Family deals with infertility and is able to adopt; mother hides identity of boy’s birth father and boy later discovers truth; man attends recovery program; father died on deployment; men and women in recovery program share their stories of abuse and addictions.


Company: David C Cook
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 402
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Amelia Rhodes