The Lost Medallion (Novelization)

Theatrical Release: June 3, 2013
Book Release: June 3, 2013
The Lost Medallion (Novelization)


Archaeologist Dr. Michael Stone looked his entire life for the lost medallion, and now his son Billy has discovered it. When a spontaneous wish transports him and his best friend Allie 200 years in to the past, they discover a very different Aumakua Island.

Billy and his friend must escape danger from their nemesis Cobra, braving waterfalls, animal traps, and sneaking into caves. With no other way home and the well-being of the island resting on his shoulders, Billy must discover the key to reclaiming the medallion and its tremendous power.

Dove Review

Bill Muir’s young adult novel “The Lost Medallion” is full of adventure, life lessons, and the occasional humorous situation. This is the archaeological/historical tale of a boy who learns about courage, loyalty, and what it means to be a leader, as well as an exciting tale of time travel.

While the novel contains some violence, it is not at all gratuitous. The author did a nice job implying the violent acts without including the gory details. He also does well to make a point that the violence is done by evil characters. In this “good versus evil” tale, good wins out. A neat feature of the book is the inclusion of some beautiful pictures from the movie and also intermixed with the text are QR codes that allow you to retrieve more information from the internet via your mobile devices. Their are two types of codes. One type has a video camera in the center of the code that shows you brief video clips of the scenes you are reading about. The other has a book and cross that takes you to a partner website where you can read bible passages that relate to the story.

What I appreciated most about this novel was the biblical themes the author injected throughout the book. Honoring those who are wise, finding one’s worth in how God values him or her, forgiving others, leading by serving, laying down one’s life for a friend: all these themes are so important for young readers. I look forward to my kids being able to read this book when they are older. “The Lost Medallion” is an excellent read for kids looking for a great adventure.

Content Description

Sex: A few instances of platonic hugging between boys and girls; girl describes boy as “sooo cute” and waves in a flirty way; boy tells girl she is “very beautiful;” girl wraps her arms around a boy’s waist while riding on a bike.
Language: Use of mild, insulting language: brat (several); buffoons; stupid (several); pathetic; jerk; fool; idiot; dumb
Violence: A “Pit of Death” where the evil king sends those who displease him; evil king uses long nails to dip in poison to kill his foes (several times); man falls dead from an arrow shot into his back; man tackles another in a fight; man slashes another across the face and knocks the man unconscious in a fight; man hurls a machete at another man but misses; adult gives boy a rough shake; bad guys talk about abducting a kid; adults “lunged” at children; man tied to a chair; adult “fingering a huge knife;” man picks up a large machete; warrior jabs boy with a spear; man raises a flaming log with intentions of striking; man feels a spear against his back; man threatens the life of a girl; evil king demands that the bodies of dead are displayed as a warning; boy tries to fight man and is bested but unharmed; man puts the tip of his sword to a woman’s throat; man points his sword at a woman; spear flies past, missing its human target; evil king plans to destroy an island; darts shoot out at kids; boy ready to fight, but faced with spears; girl kicks man in body and head in self defense; man strikes another in self defense; man takes an arrow in his chest for a boy; boy throws a stone at a man, knocking him unconscious; warrior left tied and gagged; trail of blood; trap with spikes falls toward children; man strikes boy on temple; man threatens the lives of 20 people; man puts cobra into boy’s cell; girl makes pineapple bombs, but they are harmless; attempted burning of boy; boy kicks man about the body and head; evil king’s poisoned fingernails cut himself; evil king falls into his own pit of death; boy hits men with a staff.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Mention of a mother who died of cancer; girl is an orphan; feeling unwanted by parents; girl runs away from the orphanage


Company: B&H Publishing
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 177
Industry Rating: YoungAdult
Reviewer: Susie Finkbeiner