Theatrical Release: February 22, 2013
DVD Release: August 27, 2013


Limited Theatrical Release – CAMP is the latest film from Jacob Roebuck. Inspired by true stories, we meet Ken Matthews (Michael Mattera), a hot shot investment banker doing whatever it takes to make a good impression with a wealthy client, including becoming a camp counselor. Ken is partnered with Eli, a kid thrown away by his parents and in foster care, for a week he won’t soon forget

Dove Review

This movie will cause some to reach for a Kleenex as it deals with a boy named Eli (Miles Elliot) who is neglected and abused by his parents, a mother that uses drugs and constantly sends him to his room and a father who drinks and beats him. Not far into the story something happens to his mother and Eli is removed from his home and placed in foster care. One great opportunity comes knocking when Eli gets a chance to go to Camp Pine Lake. His counselor winds up being a man named Ken Matthews (Michael Mattera). Ken wants to make a good impression on a wealthy client and his motives are far from pure when he takes the counseling position. However, the caring camp director, Tammie (Grace Johnston), helps Ken gradually realize that although Eli is a handful he has a painful past and only through standing by him can Ken win him over and help change his life.

Eli wants to win an arm band which is given to campers who swim across the pool. However, he tries to hide his fear of water and he is also rude to those that wish to be his friend, like a young boy named Redford who believes he is an alien and keeps looking for the “mother ship” to pick him up! Ken learns that Eli has never had a birthday party and Ken, remembering that his own father never even said, “I love you” to him, realizes he might be Eli’s only hope to convince him that someone cares about him. This is a wonderful film about healing the wounds of your past and the ending is terrific. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and over.

Content Description

Sex: Woman kisses man on cheek.
Language: G/OMG-1; Go to H-1 (used as an emphatic "no" not as a curse); H-5; D-2; Stupid-2; Maggot-1; Sucks-2; Freak-2; Shut up-1; Loser-1; Retard-1; Screw You-1; I hate you-2; Turd-1
Violence: Boy pitches rock through a window; boy falls and cuts arm; woman grabs boy; dad smacks son; dad comes after boy with a stick and next we see an ambulance is there for boy; boy punches boy; man shoves boy and slaps him; men grab man and hold him.
Drugs: Woman smokes; drinking; it's said woman gets high and dad gets drunk; woman dies of heroin overdose (mentioned not seen).
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless boys and men; men and women and kids in swimwear; a "no cleavage or crack" comment regarding bathing suits.
Other: Scars seen on boy's body from abuse; kid vomits; man says he hasn't talked to God since his father died from cancer but he starts praying again by film's end.


Company: Word Films
Director: Jacob Roebuck
Producer: Emily Shubin, Kristin Wolven, Alan Trever Matthew Helderman, Dan Portnoy
Genre: Limited
Runtime: 111 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter