A Cross to Bear

DVD Release: March 4, 2014
A Cross to Bear


Erica Moses, the homeless mother of a 15-month-old daughter, wakes up alone one day in an abandoned building. With the help of the people she meets in a home for women she fights to get her life back and builds relationships that will change her life forever.

Dove Review

Everyone has a cross to bear in life and this movie wonderfully shows what can happen when one reaches out to God and asks His help to guide our destiny.

The story focuses on Erica Moses, who is homeless, and a tragedy that strikes due to her drinking and neglect. She loses her baby girl when she passes out from drinking. She finds redemption and love and the help of a woman named Joan (beautifully played by Kim Fields). Joan shows Erica tough love. This film features themes of perseverance, forgiveness, and learning how to forgive one’s self.

We are pleased to award this DVD our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus, due to the adult themes. The acting is terrific. This movie has earned five Doves from us, and that’s our best rating.

Content Description

Sex: A pregnant woman is kicked out by her boyfriend but she later changes and becomes responsible.
Language: None
Violence: Two women smack each other across the face; homeless drunken men take a cardboard box and set it on fire for heat, not realizing a baby is in it and the baby dies although the baby is not seen.
Drugs: Several drinking scenes including beer, wine and champagne.
Nudity: Bare midriffs; cleavage; short shorts.
Other: The stealing of a bottle of champagne.


Company: RLJ Entertainment
Director: Tandria Potts
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter