Vain (Manuscript)



MASON JONES is a 17 year old foster child who struggles to fit in. Rankling against
the restrictions of his newest placement, Mason vandalizes a local convenience store
and causes trouble at his high school.

With charges pending and Mason causing problems at home and at his court
appointed support group, it looks like Mason will be sent away to juvenile detention.
However the tough store owner, Ruby, agrees to drop all charges if Mason works for

Ruby pushes Mason hard and he impresses her with his work ethic. Soon Mason
learns the importance of respect, for others, for himself and for God.

Dove Review

“Vain” is the kind of story that is not written in vain, it is a story with a message! To the author, young Mason is a realistic character as are Nate, Lacey, Ruby, and all the rest. This is one of the strengths of the manuscript. They are fleshed out pretty well.

This also features a realistic story, with Tom and Whitney taking on Mason to live with their son Nate, who lost his brother Jack. Mason rebels at first and puts grafitti on a store but makes up for it by painting it later. There is also a strong salavation story with Mason changing dramatically and growing up in maturity. Although he shows some disrespect, he is truly sorry by story’s end and makes amends. Nate and Mason believably get past their rocky start and grow closer.

Due to the sophisticated theme of the story and because it is geared toward teens and young adults, we are awarding this manuscript our Family Approved Seal for ages 12 and over. It is an overall wholesome story with some realistic moments of disrespect included with ultimate redemption. We hope this story is made into a film. If it remains in a film as it is in this manuscript, it would receive our Dove Seal. The repentance prayer on page 84 is very nicely written. Nice Job!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Boys grapple with each other but are stopped (56); a girl gets caught in the middle of the fight trying to stop it but is okay (57);
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A teenager slams a door (page 7); teen does not want to obey store rules (15) but does, then sprays grafitti on outside of store; teen leaves home through window but does return (19); teen says he believes in God but God is a puppet master and we are His TV and he laughs at our expense (25); character paints "Blame your God" on wall but later repents; teen rolls eyes at mention of word of God but later repents (30); girl doesn't want to be at church group and says she hates it (54); teen throws paper away which has 10 Commandments on it (66).


Company: Parkside Pictures
Writer: Andre Van Heerden
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter