Hello Dove Family!

We want to celebrate the best examples of high-integrity and high-quality entertainment, as well as help all of our Dove families have loads of fun by being able to relax and enjoy movies and other content because you trust the recommendation. Much of our review system remains the same. We’ve merely consolidated the seals to be simpler:

Dove Approved All Ages is the mark of a film or content with no severe or
gratuitous cautionary content. No cautionary ratings above a 0-1.

Dove Approved films and content with any cautionary elements at level “2” are indicated by the 12+ seal.

Dove Reviewed- These are films that have been reviewed, so as a viewer you are informed about the content of the film, but it has not been given a Dove Seal.  The previous 18+ category: Which contains cautionary elements over 2 will now roll into this new category for new reviews.

On the site, all the detail for the film can be seen by rolling over the graph, and you can see the criteria behind each individual rating by clicking here

Remember that you can enjoy Dove Approved movies 24/7 on The Dove Channel. This excellent network only air Dove Approved programming that’s All Ages or 12+.