Greetings from the Dove Review Team,

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to review and share your video content. We have a team of talented and educated writers all around the country who evaluate screenplays, rough cuts or final films, providing a service to filmmakers and audiences who want to ensure their entertainment meets Dove standards.

Submitting your work via a secure digital link is preferred.

EMAIL TO:  [email protected]

Please include a screener with status of edit (final or in-progress).

Though we did so in the past, we no longer accept books for review.

Video submissions: Digital screener preferred; send secure link to [email protected]

If you need to send a physical DVD, the address is at the bottom of this page.

Please include contact Information for producer / distributor, as well as contact information for completion notifications

Please include cover art and youtube trailer link, as well as the information below.

  • Title

  • Synopsis

  • Company

  • Distributor

  • Producer

  • Writer

  • Link to a YouTube Trailer

  • Director

  • Actors

  • Genre’ (Comedy, Drama, Fiction Etc.)

  • Runtime

  • Official Industry (MPAA) Rating, if any

  • Release Date

All Meta-data can be sent in an email to [email protected]

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