writer: Jim Davis

The Fight Within

December 6, 2016

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Fight Within" inspires the viewer to fight life's battles. Logan (John Major Davis) is a college student who has trained his entire life as an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, but a tragedy occurs and he faces doubts as to who he really is. Logan meets a Christian girl who helps him in his [...]

The Garfield Show: Dinosaurs And Other Animal Adventures

December 11, 2012

Dove Approved for All Ages

Hilarity always ensues when Garfield goes on adventures with his owner, Jon, and Odie, the dog of the house. The crazy cat talks the farm animals into getting cable television, encourages Odie to dig up bones in the backyard that may destroy their home, and even recites history as you've never [...]

Garfields Fun Fest

November 25, 2008

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Garfield's Fun fest" has a nice moral about finding strength, or in this case "the funny" within yourself. Garfield goes in search of "the funny water" so he can drink from it and become funny again in order to win the fun fest contest. Along the way he meets unique characters, each one trying [...]

Garfield Gets Real

November 13, 2007

Dove Approved for All Ages

The lovable Garfield decides he is bored with his life and his job. With that decision he jumps from the cartoon world through a hole in a comic strip to the real world. This shocks him into realizing that there is no place like home and he starts the journey of trying to get back. I was not as [...]

Garfield and Friends Volume One

April 27, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

Episode One: "Peace and Quiet" - Garfield tries everything just to get some sleep. "U.S. Acres Wanted Wade" - After pulling off the tag to a pillow, Wade thinks the cops are after him. "Garfield Goes Hawaiian" - Garfield gets a cat flu that makes him dance the hula. Episode Two: "Box O Fun" - [...]

Garfield as Himself

April 26, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

All of the beloved classic "Garfield" episodes that were on TV are now brought to you in remastered digital DVD quality. In "Here Comes Garfield," the viewer sees past the Garfield who is always mean to Odie and who is always kicking him off the table and teasing him. When the two are playing [...]

Garfield: The Movie

October 19, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

In this funny movie Garfield has it all - he's the king of the house, he can visit the streets and he has Jon, his owner. Jon is a single guy who has a crush on the veterinarian, Liz. Jon takes Garfield in to the vet every chance he gets. During the last visit Liz offers Jon to take home a stray [...]