Molokai: The Story Of Father Damien

DVD Release: April 27, 1999
Molokai: The Story Of Father Damien


“Molokai” tells the touching story of Father Damien, who went to the island of Molokai to minister to the lepers who were exiled there.

Dove Review

In the 1800s, as in earlier times, those who were inflicted with leprosy were outcasts and sent to a place to die alone, without help of any kind. It didn’t matter who a person was — they were sent away from their families to be condemned forever. This practice of condemnation was evident on Molokai, an island of Hawaii.

Father Damien volunteered to go to the Island of Molokai to minister to the ill, but what he found there was appalling. Father Damien did not receive any of the financial or other types of aid he was promised for his ministry. He was tested time and time again but still kept helping the lepers of Molokai. He was not allowed to go to confession, was ordered to stay on the island, and eventually contracted the devastating disease.

His story is one of conviction, faith and selfless devotion to God and the people. We award this dramatic film the Dove Faith Based Seal. Although it includes some concerning content, it tells a moving story of faith and commitment.

Content Description

Sex: Comment about leprosy being a sexually transmitted disease; discussion about men taking young girls and children and forcing them into prostitution; woman tries to tempt priest; comment about having syphilis.
Language: Hell as a place; D-1; H-2; bast..ds-1; in a church, a priest tells of the number of people who have died, and another man responds to that by taking Jesus's name in vain; For God sake-1;
Violence: Diseased people are relegated to an island without many supplies; man beats a young boy; man threatens another man with a knife; men, women and children are thrown overboard from ship into ocean, people wash ashore; scene of dead people being carried out on stretchers; scene of young child dying; priest dies
Drugs: Men, including a priest, drink beer and liquor; priest smokes a pipe; bishop smokes a cigar; man is confronted about his drinking and being drunk; many scenes of ill people taking medicine in a makeshift hospital
Nudity: Side view of a naked child and half-naked children; shirtless men; doctor asks a priest to show him his private part, but the viewer does not see anything
Other: Many scenes of people with leprosy and people who have died; funeral scene; haunting cries for help; man lies to prevent money and other types of aid from going to the island; priest is forced to stand on boat to give confession to bishop on a ship.


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Writer: John Briley
Director: Paul Cox
Producer: Vine International Pictures Ltd.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 112 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe