A Family Movie Trivia Game

Finally…a movie trivia game created with families of faith in mind. Test your knowledge of characters, songs, quotes, plot twists and more—all from your favorite Dove-approved movies. Ask these questions at the dinner table, during a car ride, or before movie night. 

Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $2.99.

The only thing shocking about this game is

how much movie trivia your family knows. 


This game is designed for ages 4+

Contains 100 trivia questions from Dove-Approved family movies, plus game-play instructions.  

Players of all ages team up or play individually to compete in a movie trivia battle. 

Dove exists to encourage and promote wholesome family entertainment. Families trust our seal of approval and depend on our reviews to choose movies, TV shows, and videos that align with the Christian faith. Families can trust that the questions in this game will be appropriate and entertaining for everyone….just like the movies that earn our Seal of Approval. 

What Others Are Saying 

Game was great for the family and friends. It is easy to play and everyone from 5 years old to 78 was entertained. Highly recommend this game!


YES!!!!  a REAL Family friendly game we can all enjoy and bond over. So refreshing!!! 😊