Dude, Wheres My Dog?

DVD Release: August 5, 2014
Dude, Wheres My Dog?


Left home alone with his dog Harry, young Ray finds himself in a bit of trouble when Harry gets loose in the suspicious neighbor’s house and accidentally knocks over a top-secret invisibility potion! Now, with crooks and the FBI on his tail, Ray needs to find his invisible mischievous mutt before they do — and get Harry back before his parents get home! Filled with hilarious canine tricks, “Dude, Where’s My Dog” is fun for the family.

Dove Review

Ray and his friend Belcher are always watching out for the neighborhood, in fact they are on the verge of being Peeping Toms. His mom accuses him of not being responsible because of his actions. But when left on his own to prove to his mom he can be responsible, his dog Harry gets loose and turns things upside down. Now Ray and his friends Lucy and Belcher have to find Harry but it will not be easy because the Dog is invisible and the bad guys are looking for the dog too.

This is a funny movie with kids, a dog, the FBI and a hilarious bad guy. The adventure contains a lot of slap stick comedy and a lesson in being responsible is presented in many different ways. We are pleased to award “Dude, Where’s My Dog” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and over..

Content Description

Sex: A comment from young boy regarding neighbor being "Mrs. Hottie"; a man kisses woman's hand in a sexual way; comment regarding a woman being married and having an affair.
Language: H-2; Frickin-1; OMG/OG-2; Heck-3; Crap-2; Poop-1; Name calling such as doofuss; punk, butt head and brat; woman makes comments in Spanish that are not translated.
Violence: A man steals from a laboratory; man chases kids and dog; man kidnaps boy and ties him up; young boy hits man in private area; comment about taking all the blood out of dog, woman threatens man with harm; bad guys take kids and dog.
Drugs: Father drinks a drink with a lime in it; talk about cocktail party and tequila; a potion that makes things invisible; man sprays truth serum up boy's nose; woman sprays FBI agents with a sleeping spray.
Nudity: A young girl in shirt that shows bra straps.
Other: A boy lies to mom; young boy burps and farts; young boy vomits; invisible dog pees on bad guy's face.


Company: Screen Media
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 82 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe