The Lamb and the Fuhrer (Graphic Novel)

Book Release: June 4, 2014
The Lamb and the Fuhrer (Graphic Novel)


Adolf Hitler spilled the blood of millions for his own sake. Jesus Christ shed his own blood for the sake of millions. Hitler set himself up as a god and the masses succumbed. Jesus Christ was God in the form of lowly man. Hitler created a living hell for the masses. Jesus endured hell to save the masses. Hitler’s name is synonymous with power, evil, and genocide. Jesus’ name with love, peace, and life. Put the two in a room together and you won’t believe your ears. The third compelling book in Ravi Zacharias’ Great Conversations series addresses fundamental issues of life and death, the evil of violence in light of the value of human life, and other tough issues in modern society.

Dove Review

“The Lamb and the Fuhrer” is a unique and powerful graphic novel! The illustrations are vibrant and colorful and well drawn. The plot surmises that Hitler, after his suicide, faces Jesus Christ as well as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Christian minister he condemned to the gallows. Hitler attempts to justify his life but Christ and Bonhoeffer both have conservations with him and confront him with his death wish for the Jews and his rejection of God’s love. Hitler thought he was above God.

The conversation is intriguing and the story features flashbacks of Hitler and his speaking to the masses, as well as thin and hungry Jews and concentration camps. One scene features a man that has been hung and in a few other illustrations a bloody Christ is seen as he is being crucified. We are recommending this strong faith-based story for the Faith Friendly 12+ Seal, due to the use of one word and the violence level hitting a level two in our content rating. The illustrations are so detailed that it is easy to imagine Hitler having the conversation that he does with Christ and with Bonhoeffer. This powerful graphic novel would be a good tool for a Sunday school class or a study about World War II and Hitler’s obsession with putting an end to the Jewish race. It is a compelling novel.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: H (as a place)-3; H-1
Violence: Soldiers are seen shooting guns; Hitler and Eva's bodies seen dead, with a gun at Hitler's feet; explosion; Christ on cross, seen in shadows; Christ seen on cross with bloody stripes; a civilian is seen hanging and having turned blue in color; tank and war planes; body is seen falling into a trench after being killed; it's mentioned Hitler had millions of children shot or gassed to death; image of Nazi grabbing a man; it's said a woman poisoned her six children before she and her husband took their own lives.
Drugs: Man with cigar.
Nudity: A few scenes of shirtless men.
Other: It's mentioned Hitler and Eva took poison and then he shot himself; terribly thin bodies of some starving Jews are seen; Jews are referred to as "vermin" by Hitler; Hitler tells Christ that Christ came to Earth as a "dirty Jew"; it's stated many screamed in gas chambers; comments about millions of Jews dying.


Company: Kingstone Comics
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 75
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Illustrations: Jeff Slemons, Geof Isherwood
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter