Jacksons Run

DVD Release: February 4, 2014
Jacksons Run


Jackson Stone is a reckless and troubled teen who rejects faith and the church as he blames God for everything bad in his life. At home, his seemingly uncaring parents ignorehim, at school he’s an outcast, and his only friend, Funnar, continues to pull him deeper and deeper into the abyss of trouble on the streets. Jackson struggles to come to termswith his fear of death, and his own mortality os he fights a life threatening illness.

After a brush with the law, Jackson is sentenced to community service at a local homeless shelter. While at the shelter, Jackson forges an unlikely friendship with Natan, a destitute homeless veteran, and as their friendship grows, they learn important lessons about life, trust, and something neither have truly experienced…Friendship.

As Jackson progresses towards faith, he begins to transform from a street hoodlum to a responsible young man, but his fragile faith is rocked when Nathan reveals a shocking secret from his past. Jackson suddenly finds himself at a crossroads, and now must choose between what’s easy and what’s right as his own destiny hangs in the balance.

Jackson’s Run is a family Friendly, faith-based, “Rites-of-Passage” story that explores life, death, suffering, and God’s purpose in it.

Dove Review

This movie shows that redemption is possible, even for hard cases! Rusty Martin Jr. gives a strong performance as Jackson Stone, a teen that has the HIV virus, has used drugs, and is running wild until he lands in jail. Jackson has to do community service at a local church. The pastor takes an interest in Jackson and then Jackson meets a pretty girl named Kristen and he soon begins to take an interest in the church. He helps a man that fails at committing suicide and it turns out that there is a connection with this man that Jackson would never have dreamed possible.

Jackson’s young brother Liam looks up to Jackson but he is ignored by his father, Jackson’s stepfather, who seems to be busy with a woman at a restaurant instead of being home. Jackson’s mother, Amber (Melissa Todd), is battling alcoholism and embarrasses Liam when she turns up drunk at his baseball game. Jackson moves forward with the Lord, even attending a Christian concert, then an old buddy drops by and tries to draw him back into his old life. “Jackson’s Run” is a gritty, realistic look at the temptations that people face today. Parents should consult the content chart to make their own informed decisions about the ages of their children watching it. We are awarding the movie our Faith Friendly 12+ Seal as it does have a strong redemptive message in it. In fact, it shows that no one is ever truly outside the redemptive power of God.

Content Description

Sex: A minor character is cheating on his wife but later on he moves out and admits he hasn't done right and he and his wife get counseling; a girl makes it clear she is not sleeping with a boy.
Language: G-2; Shut up-3; "Freak"-1; "Jesus Freaks"-1;"You suck"-1; "This sucks"-1; Sucks-1; Friggin-1; "Big Oaf"-1; "Jerk"-1; a teen tells his mother he hates her guts but they make peace later on and he is clearly sorry; "Chump"-1
Violence: During the Iraq war a young man around ten or so is seen with several bloody shoots in stomach and chest and blood on face and this scene is later replayed in a flashback; a grenade goes off and people die and a man is badly wounded; when a teen is arrested by police his younger brother shoves one of the officer's over when his back is turned and then the teen runs away; a few cases of young men shoving each other and a young man punches his father in face and he falls down and bleeds but later they make peace; a young man is punched and bleeds from his face; a homeless man's watch is taken and then broken in front of him.
Drugs: Two teens make a marijuana deal but one gets accepts Jesus later on and refuses to accept any more drugs and the other teen winds up in jail; a woman struggles with alcoholism and drinks and becomes inebriated and embarrasses her son in a scene but she later goes to AA and quits drinking; a young man has the HIV virus and tells about going to a party when he was only 13 and it seems that he picked it up from a needle although it doesn't plainly state it; a young man takes prescription medicine.
Nudity: Mild cleavage; shirtless young men.
Other: A man gets up on a chair with a noose with the idea of hanging himself but the chair breaks; a teenager has AIDS; a character coughs up blood; someone dies in the movie and there is grief; a boy learns his mother lied about something in his life; tension between several characters; a character vomits but it is heard and not seen; a teen flees the police by racing his car but they soon catch up to him.


Company: New Providence Entertainment
Director: Dan Lennox,
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter