Theatrical Release: June 6, 1985
DVD Release: May 15, 2007


A group of kids discover a treasure map that leads them on an Indiana Jones-style adventure. Hindering them in their pursuit of the treasure is the Fratelli family, which is made up of a hardened criminal and her three sons. One of them, the physically deformed Sloth, has a kind heart and decides to help the kids instead of trying to harm them. Throughout the adventure, the young friends face many obstacles, but they are thrilled to be able to operate in a world where they feel grown-up and independent. What’s more, if they’re able to retrieve the treasure, they plan to use it to save their neighborhood from being taken over by a golf course.

Dove Review

This is a film about a group of misfit kids who call themselves the Goonies. They look at things differently than other kids, and in today’s world they would be the geeks. Mike and his brother Brand, along with the others, find an old treasure map in their attic and so the adventure begins.

Mike believes the map can save their homes from the wrecking ball if they find the treasure it points to. Together the group finds the place where the treasure may be, but the gang that has escaped the police gets in their way.

Slapstick comedy fills this movie from beginning to end as the kids search for the treasure and try to outsmart the bad guys. It is entertaining and an adventure everyone will remember. Unfortunately, due to content that sets it outside our guidelines we can not approve this film.

Content Description

Sex: Comments from young men on "how far did you go" with girl; couples kiss; sexual innuendos.
Language: OG/MG/OMG-20; H-10; S/BS-13; D-2; A-2; Swear to God-1; Jeez-1; Holy Mary Mother of God-1; name calling such as idiot, stupid, dummy; "boobie" traps-3.
Violence: Man in prison pretends to hang himself; man hits guard unconscious; man pours gas on ground and starts it on fire by shooting at it; men shooting at one another; man escapes jail; police chase men and woman; young boys tie another up; boy takes little girl's bike; young man driving car grabs boy on bike and pulls him with car at a fast speed and lets go; sounds of gun shots; scene of dead man in a closet with young boy; men grab and kidnap boy; man hit by water fountain; woman threatens kid with a blender; man chained up in basement; two men and a woman chasing and threatening kids; a man is treated badly because of his deformities; explosions.
Drugs: Comment about drug dealers.
Nudity: Statue of naked man, genital area is broken off and kids try to glue it back on; comments about peeing in one's face; a scene shown where men are in shower; young man shown sitting on the toilet; boys urinating in cave with backs turned.
Other: Many scenes of pirate skeletons; telling people stories that are untrue.


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: Richard Donner
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 114 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe