God Gave Me Wings

DVD Release: December 11, 2014
God Gave Me Wings


Alex Taylor knows that his dream of running for his high school track team is not only unrealistic, but out of his reach. Blind since the age of two, Alex is determined to beat the odds and prays for a running partner to help him cross the finish line. However, help comes from an unlikely source when a schoolmate with a troubled past offers to help him race. The boys begin working together in the hopes of making the team, and believe that with a little faith, anything is possible.

Dove Review

“God Gave Me Wings” shows clearly that with faith anything is possible, even beating the odds. Alex Taylor (Richard Harmon) has been blind since the age of two, but he wants to run on his high school track team. Enter Brad Coleman (Jaren Brandt Bartlett), a rebellious teen who just got into trouble (again), this time for stealing. Alex’s dad Geoff (Craig Bierko) is his probation officer and agrees to work something out for Brad if he is willing to help his son train for track. His job is to run alongside Alex.

Brad is not crazy about the idea at first; he and Alex don’t hit it off right away, but they keep at it. They face several obstacles together, including Brad getting into a fist fight with a bully on the team who gives them a hard time. They also have to overcome Alex’s mom’s worries. His mother Sandy (Jill Hennessy) is afraid her son will get hurt. Coach McVie (Jessica Harmon) is also a tough nut to crack because she and Brad once had a run-in. But as Alex and Brad continue to work together, they form an unlikely but genuine friendship. With the bully Tyson relentlessly picking on Alex, it becomes apparent to Alex that maybe it is fear—fear of Alex beating Tyson—that is behind his aggressive attitude.

The story builds to an exciting race and, well, we won’t give the ending away. But you don’t want to miss it! The film features some nice scenes of Brad’s father, Angus Coleman (Lorne Cardinal), making time to look out for Brad and his younger brother Ricky. We are pleased to award “God Gave Me Wings” our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages twelve plus, due to a few language issues. The movie features a song called “God Help Me” that is powerful during a crucial moment in the film. This is an inspiring and remarkable movie.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Fist fights in a few scenes; bloody lip; young man stumbles while running a few times and scrapes forehead and some blood is seen.
Sex: Kissing by teen boy and girl; girl says boy has a nice "butt" to another boy; girl stares at boy's rear as he walks off; boys think the female track coach is "hot" and say so several times.
Language: G/OMG-3; A-2; Butt-7; D-4; H-1; Stupid Kid-1; Freaking-1; Fricking-1; Jockstrap-1; Dorks-1; Shut Up-1.
Violence: Fist fights in a few scenes; bloody lip; young man stumbles while running a few times and scrapes forehead and some blood is seen.
Drugs: Drinking beer; looking for a beer comment.
Nudity: Man in shorts; shirtless young men; mild cleavage.
Other: Young man steals from older man but is caught; plot to steal from an old woman but it does not happen; stolen bike comment; tension between husband and wife; teen scares a young blind man in the locker room by making loud noises near him and he records it on his phone; boy lies about bullies picking on him because he doesn't want any further trouble.


Company: Phase 4 Films
Director: Allan Harmon
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter