Christmas In Boston

DVD Release: October 12, 2010
Christmas In Boston


Ever since junior high, Gina (Marla Sokoloff) has been carrying on a pen-pal friendship with Seth (Patrick J. Adams). Now an adult, Gina is a journalist living in Boston, while Seth is a toy-company executive. When Seth shows up in Beantown for a conference, one would think he’d look forward to being interviewed by Gina, whom he’s never seen–and that Gina would feel the same way. Trouble is, self-conscious Gina has for all these years been sending pictures of her friend Ellen (Lindy Booth) in her letters to Seth, while Seth has been sending pictures of his friend Matt (Jonathan Cherry). Terrified that Seth won’t like her if he finds out what she really looks like, Gina sends Ellen in her place for the interview–while Seth, suffering similar fears, prevails upon Matt to impersonate him. Given this set-up, and taking into consideration the title of this made-for-TV movie, no one should be unduly surprised by the outcome of the story!

Dove Review

Gina and Seth have been writing to each other for nearly 15 years, starting back when they were in junior high. Over the years they have built a relationship, but there is only one drawback to the situation: they have never talked on the phone or met face to face. The pictures they sent to each other were of their friends, not themselves.

Now a meeting is almost essential because they will both be in Boston for a convention, so they let their friends Matt and Ellen stand in for them. The two impostors are hitting it off, making the situation more complicated. The real couple become involved after a chance meeting.

“Christmas in Boston” is a charming, comical movie that includes romance. Here is story about old-fashioned pen pals who find out it is better to just be yourself, than to pretend to be someone else. But due to some content, it cannot be approved by Dove standards.

Content Description

Sex: Couples kissing; unmarried couple are "making out," assumed sex.
Language: OMG/MG-4; O Lord-1; H-5; Freaking-1; it-1.
Violence: znone
Drugs: Wine with dinner; drinks at party.
Nudity: Man's pants lying on the floor; woman in bra; man shirtless; cleavage.
Other: Pretending to be someone else; lying.


Company: Cinedigm
Producer: Julian Grant
Genre: Christmas
Runtime: 84 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe