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Psychology of Secrets

Secrets and lies ... everyone keeps them, everyone tells them. Yet at what cost? Regardless of how many times you tell a lie, it never becomes the truth.

Samantha knows this reality all too well. For most of her life she has been required to maintain the façade of a perfect life by wearing a "Happy Face," which only forced her into the vortex of depression. The skeletons rattling in her closet were not her own; nevertheless, they held her hostage.

After two failed marriages and two children depending on her, Samantha decides she has been in bondage long enough. Realizing that life is not to be lived in a sea of hopelessness, she enlists the help of a Christian therapist. Through his encouragement and godly counsel, Samantha learns that facing the demons of her past empowers her to learn that the "Truth Will Set You Free."

Join Samantha on her journey to freedom. Along the way you may uncover some of the secrets and lies from your past that have paralyzed you. Hopefully her story will help you find the courage to face the pains from your past so that you too can be free to live the life that God created you to live.
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Dove Review

“Psychology of Secrets” is an inspiring movie that offers hope for the future despite a person’s dark secrets from the past. Debbie Harmon produced, wrote, and directed this film and did a remarkable job. She plays a woman named Samantha who has suffered much and has had insults heaped on her for years. These serious issues include two husbands who were not loyal to her, parents who verbally abused her and, in her dad’s case, physically abused her as well. In addition, she was mistreated as a young child and discouraged by her parents from doing what she loved–painting in her own studio. The film could have succeeded just as well without the number of problems dealt with by the main character, but it does illustrate that people with multiple past troubles can come out on the other side and find freedom. As mentioned in the film, some people deal with the “abyss of depression.” In one cute scene, a young Samantha showed her “art” to her patrons, which were, in reality, her dolls!

A Christian counselor, Dr. Cline (Alpha Trivette), shows Samantha through the Scriptures that if she applies certain biblical principles, seeks God, and remembers that she is now an adult not to be bossed around by family, she can have a successful future. She begins to do just that by film’s end and finds that she has, indeed, been set free.

Trivette gives a strong performance and comes across as a likable and caring doctor. Harmon also does a credible job convincing the viewer that she has commendable child-like qualities that work to a point, but that now it is time to shed that skin and live as a full-fledged adult in charge of her life decisions. We are happily awarding this movie our Family Approved Seal for ages 12+. This film offers hope to every viewer, a hope revealing that those with skeletons in the closet can finally release them and find freedom.

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Man plotted to have his wife killed; man slaps his teen daughter.


We learn a character had been molested as a child; husband cheated on his wife and got his secretary pregnant.


Nag-1; Tramp-1; Loser-1; Teacher's pet-1; "You're crazy"-1; Pathetic-1.


Man plotted to have his wife killed; man slaps his teen daughter.


Man is an alcoholic and his drinking is both seen and discussed; young woman is at a party and tries a drink; young man puts something in young woman's drink and it is not clear what it was; "they'll think you're on drugs" comment; comment about people smoking and drinking.


People in swimwear at the beach.


Husband hatched plot to have his wife killed for her insurance policy; it's mentioned that people keep secrets and tell lies; woman wanted revenge for her pain for a time; comment about a "cutter," a person who cuts himself/herself; person into "goth" shades of black; gossip about other patients by a woman; mention of a man who laundered money and gambled; girl was whipped as a child she says, but not told what for; mother is ashamed of her daughter's college major and says she lied to friends about it; girl was forced into back of truck and scared.

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