Ink 180

DVD Release: October 2, 2014
Ink 180


“Ink 180” is a gripping and challenging documentary on the life and work of tattoo artist Chris Baker as he struggles to keep his shop afloat on his mission to offer free tattoo removals and cover-ups to clients facing some of society’s hardest challenges.

Dove Review

“Ink 180” is a powerful documentary about Chris Baker, a man who helps former gang members and prostitutes get rid of or cover up their old tattoos which reflect their old lives. Chris is an amazing man who does this work for free. In fact, 75 percent of his business is free and he charges for the other 25 percent of the work he does. But it is always free for those who want to let go of their pasts.

These people each have a story to tell and their lives are now 180 degrees from what they were before. Chris says that although he does this work for free, he is paid by getting to hear the wonderful testimonies of how God set these people free and dramatically changed their lives. He even goes to the jail to help prisoners by removing or covering up their tattoos. The documentary features stories of those formerly abused and bound by drugs, so it contains plain speech about former lives as strippers and escorts, but it is not gratuitous and is always focused on glorifying God and Christ. For these reasons, we are awarding it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. This movie does a remarkable job showing that change is possible! Chris has done over 2,000 free removals or cover-ups. We award this inspiring film five Doves, our best rating. It is an impactful movie and could easily be used as an educational tool in a Bible study or church group.

Content Description

Sex: Comments about sex trafficking; woman talks about "grinding" with some dirty old men and she didn't want that lifestyle; the word "grinding" is used a few times; woman mentions sleeping with guy at club in her past; comment about women "playing" with themselves; comment about trafficking on web sites.
Language: OMG-1; H-4 (two as a place).
Violence: Comments of those who were abused by pimps or parents; man says he used to enjoy carrying a gun; prostitutes say they were beat up.
Drugs: Comments about drunken people and people who used to drink and use drugs; comments about getting high and drunk; mention of using cocaine; woman says she took a bunch of pills in her past; woman considering suicide threw pills away; burning cigarette is seen.
Nudity: Image of a woman at a strip club is shown in light and, although you get the idea she is nude, nothing is seen; cleavage in a few scenes; woman's bare back is seen as she gets tattoo removed; shirtless men; bare midriffs.
Other: Chris is shown getting rid of tattoos, which results in some blood in the area of the tattoo; a few people say they considered suicide.


Company: Total Living Network (TLN)
Director: Joel Mains
Producer: Joel Mains
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 59 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Chris Baker
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter