BabyFirst: Shushybye Baby

DVD Release: January 8, 2013
BabyFirst: Shushybye Baby


Join Snoozles, Dozie, Zeez and the rest of the Shushies as they enter the wondrous world of Shushybe! Shushybye Baby takes little ones and their parents into dreamlands that encourage children to look forward to bedtime! Through positive value-based bedtime stories and award-winning original songs your child will learn the importance of sleep in a friendly and fun way. The Shushybe Dream Band performs and encourages musical hearing and memory all while teaching healthy sleeping habits. You and your child will benefit as you discover the fun and bonding journey of bedtime bliss!

Dove Review

Shushybye Baby Bedtime Stories & Songs is a collection of sixteen short episodes geared towards helping your little one drift into dreamland! In the land of Shushybe live all the Shushies who absolutely love their sleep! Snoozles, Dozie, and Zeez befriend your child with fun bedtime songs and positive bedtime stories. The Shushies invite kids to wish for a dream each night, because making dreams come true is what Shushies do! In Shushybye Baby Bedtime Stories & Songs, values are taught as small children are encouraged to sleep tight and dream big! The Dove Foundation is pleased to award the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal of approval for all ages!

Episode 1: Snoozles, Dozie, and Zeez find out that anytime is a good time to do something nice for a friend! Episode 2: Zeez cannot sleep because he has too much on his mind. The King of Shushybye helps him discover what is bothering him. After they talk about it, Zeez is able to sleep again! Episode 3: Zeez learns sign language so he can speak with a little girl named Rianne who is deaf and wishes to meet him. Episode 4: Zeez learns that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing when he eats all the cookies Dozie baked and gets a tummy ache! Episode 5: Snoozles is invited by the King of Shushybye to help judge a kite flying contest! Even though Snoozles wants to compete, he helps and finds out that helping can be more fun than anything!

Episode 6: Snoozles, Dozie, and Zeez find joy in sharing their toys with each other. Later they cheer each other on in a talent contest where Zeez takes the trophy! Episode 7: Rockin’ Shushie, the lead singer of the band, has a sore throat and is unable to sing at the party. Zeez happily fills in on vocals to help out, because helping is what friends are for! Episode 8: Dozie grants a wish to a little girl named Rachel who wants to watch over her daddy while he is on his business trip. Rachel misses him, but learns that his trips are his way of providing for his family. Episode 9: Is all about books! In the land of Shushybye, books are used as money. Books inspire imagination, which inspires good dreams, and that makes books valuable! Episode 10: Dozie and Zeez teach children that it is always good to do nice things for others!

Episode 11: Snoozles, Dozie, and Zeez describe how they make dreams for little boys and girls. Episode 12: Dozie has an idea to designate a day to honor Conductor McCloud and his hard work. The King of Shushybye likes her idea and makes it a reality by throwing a party for Conductor McCloud! Episode 13: A story is told in which various magicians compete in front of the Princess of Shushybye. The winner is not the one who does the best trick but rather the one who provides the children with laughter! Episode 14: Rain falls on the land of Shushybye. Even when it rains, however, it can still be sunny as long as one maintains a positive attitude! Episode 15: Snoozles and Zeez throw a surprise party for Dozie because “it’s always fun to surprise a friend!” Episode 16: A little boy named David learns from Zeez that sleeping is good because it helps your body become strong and healthy.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: References to magic are made.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Various
Director: Various
Producer: Various
Genre: Children
Runtime: 128 min.
Industry Rating: TV-Y
Starring: Various
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows