The Great Bible Discovery Series: Volume 1 – 3

DVD Release: January 9, 2007


Volume 1 of the Great Bible Discovery Series contains stories from the early times of the Bible. “Discovering the Beginning” is the story of creation, from the electrifying power of the first flash of light through the tragic fall of paradise. “Discovering Dry Land” is the story of Noah’s Ark, one of the most loved stories of the Bible. Noah obeys God’s instructions without question in a race against time and the elements. “Covenant Discovery” follows the tremendous story of one man, Abraham, and his unceasing faith in the Lord.

Volume 2 contains three stories from the Bible. “Discovering Dreams Come True” follows the remarkable life of Joseph, whose forgiveness and faith in God saved his sometimes jealous family. “Happily-Ever-After Discovery” focuses on the faithful heroine Ruth, whose life of love and loyalty serves as an example to everyone in God’s family. “Discovering the Way Out” follows the Israelite people as they prepare for the greatest escape in history. From the burning bush to the crossing of the Red Sea, God calls Moses to lead the way to freedom.

Volume 3 of the Great Bible Discovery Series contains 3 stories from the Bible. “Discovering the Baby King” follows the search for baby Jesus, from the prophets of the Old Testament to the hunting of King Herod. “Discovering the Empty Tomb” follows Jesus from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his glorious resurrection on Easter morning. “Discovering the Kingdom” retells a handful of Jesus’ favorite parables. From the parable of the sower, to the parable of the ten bridesmaids, Jesus explains to people of his time, and to all of us, what his mysterious kingdom is all about.

Dove Review

The Great Bible Discovery Series contains classic Bible stories told through animation. These stories are engaging and offer a way to learn and uncover Biblical truths.

Volume 1:

“Discovering the Beginning” is the story of creation, when God spoke into existence the light, the sea, dry land and the animals. Man was created in God’s image and it was good.

“Discovering Dry Land” tells the story of Noah’s Ark. Man was created in God’s image at the beginning of time, but embraced sin and evil. God grieved, and he chose to send a terrible flood to destroy the earth. Noah’s obedience to God amidst an evil world saved him from the devastation of the flood. Hope remained in God’s heart and the earth began anew after the flood.

“Covenant Discovery” is the story of one man, Abraham, who longed to obey God but stumbled along the way. God drew him into covenant with him and began a journey with man which continues to this day.

Volume 2:

“Dreams Come True” tells the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. This story has lessons of remaining faithful and true even when life is difficult, and learning the consequences of becoming too full of ourselves!

“Happily-Ever-After Discovery” showcases the lives of Ruth and Naomi as they experience faithfulness in hard times, waiting for rescue when all seems hopeless, and the unwavering love of a great, good and faithful God.

“Discovering the Way Out” portrays the dark days of God’s people the Israelites, held captive by the Egyptians and in need of God’s hand to preserve their lives through the first Passover.

Volume 3: focusing on the life of Jesus.

“Discovering the Baby King” tells of the birth of Jesus to a world looking for a king, but not one born in a stable to a young girl. A humble beginning for the Savior of the World.

“Discovering the Empty Tomb” brings us the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, told in a way that children are able to grasp and understand God’s great love and sacrifice.

“Discovering the Kingdom” looks at the parables and stories told by Jesus during his time on earth. The world becomes clearer when a lesson is taught in story, and Jesus used many stories to teach his truths.

Each of these short stories is an engaging way to learn Bible truths and embrace the promises of God. This colorful and delightful animated film is a wonderful telling of several Bible stories. We are happy to give the Dove Family Approved Seal to this DVD for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: none
Language: none
Violence: Drowning in flood; animal sacrifice (Biblical); Biblical violence; killing of babies implied, no blood; killing of animal, no blood; Biblical portrayal of the death of Jesus
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: none


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Writer: David Mead
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 225 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Nancy Bouwens