John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim

DVD Release: October 23, 2007
John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim


This documentary, filmed at the John Bunyan Museum in Bedford, England, presents a detailed look at Bunyan’s life, chronicled by John Pestell, author of Travel with John Bunyan.

Dove Review

John Bunyan was a man that had many convictions at an early age. He was a tinker (tin smith) by trade, which was taught to him by his father, although they did not always get along. When John was a young boy he was mischievous and used the Lord’s name in vain. He always had this nightmare of his sins. He was very rebellious agaist God.

When he married his first wife Elizabeth, who was from a religious background, he saw that he needed to change. John had heard a preacher’s sermon of fire and brimstone that changed him forever. He became a preacher but not in a church ruled by the king or by England. For that he was arrested.

This is a story of his hardships, family and faith. It shows how one man’s conviction to serve the Lord helped him get that message out into the world. We award this documentary the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: none
Language: A sermon about going to Heaven or Hell
Violence: Being arrested for one's beliefs, threats of being beheaded, he was put in prison for preaching
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: members of family pass away; preaching in secret;


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 42 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: John Pestell
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe