Making Choices

DVD Release: February 15, 2005
Making Choices


“Making Choices” is a moving and well-crafted firsthand account of four Dutch survivors of the 1940 Nazi invasion of Holland who helped protect total strangers from certain death. Hear their stories of fear and courage, danger and faith, as they put their lives on the line to do what they thought was right.

Dove Review

Witness the heart breaking stories of the lives of four Dutch citizens who experienced firsthand the impact of war on their lives. Known as “Dutch Resistance Members,” Diet Eman, John Witte, John Muller and John Timmer courageously fought to stay alive during that time. They all now make their homes in America.

Their stories will bring tears to your to eyes as you hear them talk about their experiences and how God kept them safe. They experienced one miracle after another. From that first invasion, to slavery, to being arrested, their faith stood strong. Some of them barely escaped, as they faced death multiple times. This film shows how they risked their own lives to save and protect those of total strangers, as they challenged the Nazi regime.

Be cautioned, the film shows actual footage of war, including Hitler’s rally. These men’s stories of hiding the Jews and escaping death are astonishing and breathtaking. The film also includes a special section of deleted scenes, which show additional acts of faith and courage. We award this movie the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for 12+.

Content Description

Sex: none
Language: none
Violence: Nazi scenes, guns in war, cannons in war, dead bodies lined up after war
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: none


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 57 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Henry Witte
Reviewer: Caryn Toering