The 33

Theatrical Release: November 13, 2015
DVD Release: February 2, 2016
The 33


Based on the real-life event, when a gold and copper mine collapses in Chile, it traps 33 miners underground for 69 days.

Dove Review

“The 33” is a powerful true story of overcoming adversity with faith, family, and friends.

The job of a miner comes with many inherent dangers. Nearly 12,000 miners around the world die each year from mining accidents.

This is the story of the 33 men who were trapped in a Chilean gold mine for 69 days. With no route of escape, they barely survived on scraps of food and water for 14 days before one small, drilled hole reached them and allowed them to receive supplies of food, water, medicine, and even video links to their loved ones 400 feet above. They spent the remaining 55 days waiting for drillers with the proper equipment to burrow down through the rock and minerals with drill bits large enough to rescue the men one by one. During this agonizing time of stress and anxiety, the men and their families support each other emotionally and spiritually and encourage each other to not give up hope and faith.

The 33 miners’ emotional story became headline news all over the world. In this film, the audience relives this terrible accident, the injustice and corruption of the owners, and the assistance the miners received from the government and other nations who helped provide specialized drilling rigs. The miners’ faith in God got them through the ordeal until they were reunited with their families.

“The 33” is the story of brotherhood among the miners, the love of their families, and the spirit of not giving up when things seem hopeless. This stirring movie clearly presents the theme that God is present. We award the Dove Faith Based Seal with a caution for strong language.

Content Description

Sex: Man has a wife and a mistress but faces consequences for his infidelity; couples kissing; man grabs wife's bottom and makes a comment that "her bottom" is the best
Language: A.s-3; B.tch-2; H-1; BS/S-5; D/D it-3; G;; Stupid-1; Scum Bag-1
Violence: Two women hitting a man; man hits another; people throw rocks at guards; woman slaps man; truck crashes in mine; explosions; men with bloody faces and injuries; man threatens another with knife; fighting and arguments
Drugs: Alcoholic man drinking from a bottle; man has withdrawal symptoms from not drinking; men smoking in mine
Nudity: Mild cleavage; shirtless men
Other: Man sleeping on park bench; man argues with boss about safety issues; men pray; a memorial in the mine for a miner who died; not giving answers to families about the mine; unsafe conditions in mines; hallucinations about food and family


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: Patricia Riggen
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 128 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe