Sherlock Holmes: The Classic Collection Vol. 1

DVD Release: October 2, 2007


See the icon of mystery square off against thieves and cutthroats, with observation, reasoning, and deduction as his most powerful weapons. Filled with mystery, logic, wickedly beautiful women, and Sherlock’s arch-nemesis, the diabolically brilliant Professor Moriarty, all titles have been beautifully restored and presented in color.

Dove Review

The game is afoot, and Sherlock Holmes is the sleuth to solve the case! This wonderful collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures features the strong acting of Basil Rathbone, as the great detective, and the movies have been colorized and restored.

This collection features four films: “Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon,” based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Dancing Men”; “Terror by Night”; “Dressed to Kill” and “The Woman in Green.” See Holmes at his best, as he battles the Gestapo’s plans regarding a secret weapon, protects a priceless diamond on a speeding train, attempts to crack the code of music boxes that reveal a message about a major crime, and tries to solve the mystery of four women who are murdered, each with their right forefinger severed. He suspects his arch enemy, Professor Moriarty, is behind the murders.

The scripts feature excellent writing, the mysteries are unpredictable and fun, and Holmes comes to life, as he smokes his pipe and contemplates the various crimes he must solve at 221 Baker Street. We are pleased to award this wonderful collection four Doves and our Dove Family Approved Seal for ages 12-plus. It’s elementary, dear viewer. You will enjoy this collection.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing between a man and woman.
Language: Idiot-1; You fool-1.
Violence: Characters scuffle and fight; one man attempts to knock another off a train; gun held on characters in various scenes; people being shot; man killed when a knife hits his back (not graphic); explosions from missiles during a test flight with a plane; a father shoves his son; a man is kicked; a few characters die; man is cuffed and imprisoned in garage with poisonous smoke, but he escapes.
Drugs: A lot of scenes of drinking, tavern scenes, an "I need a drink" comment; the mention of a glass of whiskey; smoking pipes, cigarettes and a few scenes of cigar smoking; a man receives sleeping pills, but he doesn't use them; people die from being hit with poisonous darts.
Nudity: Shirtless man; a young girl's undergarment is briefly visible under her dress.
Other: Tension between characters; hypnosis used to attempt murder; character falls off building and dies; stealing.


Company: Legend Films
Genre: Classic
Runtime: 268 min.
Industry Rating: TV-PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter