Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Theatrical Release: September 18, 2015
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


In this next chapter of the epic “Maze Runner” saga, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his fellow Gladers face their greatest challenge yet: searching for clues about the mysterious and powerful organization known as WCKD. Their journey takes them to the Scorch, a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles. Teaming up with resistance fighters, the Gladers take on WCKD’s vastly superior forces and uncover its shocking plans for them all.

Dove Review

“Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails” is the second film in the continuing story of the “Maze Runner” saga. Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien) knows something isn’t right when a group of so-called helpers place him and his friends in confinement and, at lunch time, frequently take small groups of people away, and they never return. When Thomas and another young man explore why these groups are taken away, Thomas learns a girl he cares for, Teresa, is in serious danger. The only hope for Thomas and Teresa, as well as his friends, is to force their way out and seek shelter.

This leads to them being chased not only by their captors, but also by a group of zombie-like creatures that will infect them if they are scratched or bitten. Their flight leads them to Scorch, a desert-like location, remote and full of danger. They find sanctuary for a time, but little do they know their former captors intend to capture them once more.

Several jump scenes in the movie will startle some viewers. The film plays like a horror film at times, with a lot of focus on the chase with the zombie-like creatures. The movie moves briskly, as it features many chase sequences, explosions, shootings, and other action-packed drama. Unfortunately, the use of harsh language and profanity is constant in the film, not to mention the violence with bloody scenes. For these reasons, we are unable to present the film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Young man kisses young woman; women outside a club may be prostitutes.
Language: J-3; G/OMG-3;Bas*ard-2; H-21; S-12; A-4; D-4; SOB-1
Violence: A lot of violence including people who are shot and killed; people are Tasered; guns held on people; zombie-like creatures scratch or bite people, and bloody wounds are visible; zombies spit up blood; fighting, punching and kicking; explosions; a few characters are knocked unconscious; characters shove each other; a plot to harvest body parts; characters are tied up and sedated; a comment about putting a bullet in someone's head; bomb goes off, with resulting fire.
Drugs: Something is in a drink that makes people hallucinate; several drinking scenes, including a party scene; a comment about getting the young people drunk.
Nudity: Cleavage; bare midriff; man's bare shoulders in shower.
Other: Several jump scenes; a character flips off another character; tension between characters; betrayal; a dead body is wrapped in plastic; tattoos are placed on people's necks to control them; a young man who is infected and will turn into a zombie is given a gun to end his own life; a zombie eats one of the large rats.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Director: Wes Ball
Genre: Action
Runtime: 131 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter