David and Goliath

DVD Release: October 18, 2016
David and Goliath


At the crossroads of two great ancient empires, a simple shepherd named David takes on a terrifying giant.

Dove Review

“David and Goliath” features highlights of the biblical story of the young shepherd boy who conquered a giant with a slingshot, a stone, and his dependence on God. To the filmmakers’ credit, they place a disclaimer at the front of the movie, stating that the picture is inspired by the early life of King David and, “while artistic and historical license has been taken, we believe this motion picture embodies the humility, courage, and faith of David.” It does, indeed, depart at times from the biblical narrative but maintains key moments.

In the film’s version, the prophet Samuel trained David to be a warrior after God rejected Saul as king. David also has quite a battle with Goliath in this movie version, with both parties injuring the other, before David takes him out with his slingshot. However, the film does feature the biblical truth of David meeting King Saul’s daughter Michal, whom he marries, as well as the showdown with the fierce and menacing giant named Goliath, although as stated, this battle is much longer than the one in the Bible narrative.

For those who like action and fighting, this movie has a lot, including the training sequences. Unfortunately, it also has several bloody scenes, including a bloody sheep that was killed, blood seen as a result of several fights, and Goliath’s bloody head after David defeats him, not to mention David lifting Goliath’s head up after cutting it off. For these reasons, we are awarding the movie our “Faith-Based” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: The very bloody flesh of a killed sheep is visible; man with knife; fight that includes slashing with a knife, punching and kicking and head-butting with wounds and blood visible on screen; man chokes a man who uses his staff; the mention of a king being killed; training and grappling and a young man knocked unconscious; soldier is dead and shown with bloody hands; man hit with spear; spear seen flying toward man; slashing, including the sound of it; giant man kills several men and grabs one and lifts him up by the throat; a man is about to be decapitated; men hit in face with staff; man hit in neck with stick, and he spits out blood in a gross scene; man's leg cut with sword; man hit in head with stone, and it is bloody; Goliath's head cut off with sword (non-graphic) but then David holds up the head for all to see.
Drugs: The drinking of wine; the mention of beer and wine.
Nudity: Several shirtless men.
Other: Tension between brothers and between other characters; a king says God has forsaken him; artistic and historical license taken with story of David and Goliath.


Company: Faith Warrior LLC
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter