I Wanna Be a: (Series)

Theatrical Release: December 13, 1995
DVD Release: December 13, 1995


This 10 – Volume series allows children to explore some of the exciting careers they dream about! How many times have you heard the line ” I wanna be a firefighter when I grow up!” or perhaps another occupation but with the same wistful tone? Internationally recognized and seven time Emmy winner, Steve Pool, takes your young people on an exciting trip to see what America’s heroes do every day!

Dove Review

I Wanna Be a Firefighter : First, we’ll tour a working firestation and go for a ride in a million dollar ladder truck, then we’ll visit the firefighter academy. Finally, it’s off to watch as new recruits battle a large ( practice ) house fire, and a burning tanker truck. You’ll be amazed at the scene, as the structure burns to the ground, with flames leaping high into the air. I Wanna Be a Train Engineer : In this program, Emmy Award winning host, Steve Pool, takes us on a tour of a real working diesel and shows us how a train really operates. Talk to a real train engineer; learn about trains and what it’s like to work on one. Then, hold on for the ride in the engine compartment of a beautiful old steam locomotive as it chugs down the line! I Wanna Be a Ship Captain : In this learning adventure, Steve Pool takes us through the world of ships and shipping in a way that kids will love. Right off the bat we’ll take a tour of a real working Coast Guard Cutter and see great shots of the Coast Guard in action. We interview ship personnel who talk about life at sea and special jobs on board. As a bonus, watch one of the world’s great seaports in action! I Wanna Be a Jet Pilot : We travel to Boeing and see how a real flight simulator works. Then we’ll talk to the men and women who test fly all the new Boeing jets and find out what it takes to be a jet pilot. Find out what makes a plane fly and how a jet airplane works. Throughout the tape, great action shots of the Blue Angels and real fighter pilots are used to further accent the lively action! I Wanna Be a Paramedic : In this video, Steve Pool gives us an excellent look at the real life drama that plays out daily for a big city paramedic. The job is very exciting and can sometimes be dangerous, as paramedics rush through the city streets with sirens blaring on their way to assist a person in trouble. I Wanna Be a Race Car Driver : Ask kids what occupation looks the most thrilling of all, and you’ll often hear the answer – Race Car Driving. In this exciting program, kids will hear from two of the world’s greatest drivers – Danny Sullivan and Mario Gugelmin. I Wanna Work With Animals : It takes a special kind of caring person to have the patience and desire to work with animals. This program profiles zookeepers and vets, and shows kids what it’s really like to work in animal care and how to get into this field. I Wanna Be a Ballet Dancer : What is it really like to glide and leap across the stage? In this exciting program, Steve Pool takes kids to a real ballet company and school. The dancers answer all kinds of questions a youngster might have – What are the basic steps? How do you dance on point? How often do you train? Both boys and girls will be fascinated as they watch other students in class and an actual ballet performance. I Wanna Be An Astronaut : Real Space Shuttle Astronauts tell what it is like to go into space. They explain how weightlessness feels, what they eat in space, and the dangers of space travel. Steve also looks at the history of the space program from Mercury to Apollo and shows kids what the new international space station is going to be like. I Wanna Be a Police Officer : Step into the world of law enforcement as Steve Pool hooks up with the Washington State Patrol. Kids will find out what it is like to train at the Academy, how to drive a patrol car in a high speed chase, and how officers cope with the dangers of life on the highway. How does radar work? How do the sirens, radios and computers work? This tape takes a fascinating look at the dedication, discipline, and determination needed to be a Police Officer.

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Company: Simitar Entertainment, Inc.
Writer: Steve Pool
Producer: Steve Pool
Genre: Parenting
Runtime: 30 min.