God’s Compass

DVD Release: May 3, 2016
God’s Compass


On the night Suzanne Waters celebrates her retirement, she is faced with a series of crises that she could not have imagined. Trusting God’s direction, her “North” becomes clear as she takes in a delinquent teenager, Eli. Her connection with Eli reveals a miraculous blessing that brings her and her son David’s family through healing and a joyful confirmation that God has a plan for each of us, our “True North.”

Dove Review

“God’s Compass” is an excellent film and is both inspiring and dramatic. This compelling movie features a story of faith centered on Suzanne Waters (Karen Abercrombie), the retiring principal of South High who is a woman of faith — and she will need it in the days to come. Her pregnant daughter-in-law, Jessica (Jazelle Foster), is driving herself to the hospital in labor, when she has to pull over. A young man named Eli (Joey Ibanez) intends to rob her but sees her in pain and actually drives her to the hospital. However, he is wanted by police, and an officer spots him at the hospital and arrests him. Jessica is grateful for his help and asks her mother-in-law, Suzanne, to find Eli and thank him. Suzanne finds him in a juvenile home and senses God directing her to help him. She puts her home up for his bail and has him come live with her. Her son, David (T.C. Stallings), a doctor, is very unhappy with her, but she persists in helping Eli. To add to the stress, Jessica’s newborn is a blue baby and will need to undergo open-heart surgery to have a chance to survive.

As the story progresses, the characters learn a few secrets, including the fact Eli has a missing younger sister named Naomi (Alecea Vibar), and David and Suzanne try to help find her. The reason and purpose God directed Suzanne to Eli is also revealed, and it is an interesting twist. The film features touching moments, including Suzanne missing her deceased husband, Isaac (Rodney Jackson), who is shown in flashbacks. Suzanne goes to a closet and looks at his old clothes. She smells one of his shirts that still has his scent on it, in a touching scene of her devotion to her late husband.

We want to note that Erin Bethea of “Fireproof” has a cameo in the film as a principal. Will Eli accept Suzanne’s help and try to change direction in his life? Will his sister be found? Will Jessica and David’s baby survive? This film features themes of devotion, love, forgiveness, and God’s direction, hence the movie’s title, “God’s Compass.” As Suzanne says at her retirement party, “God has plans for you. Don’t chase what doesn’t matter.” We are pleased and happy to award the movie our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. The film has also earned our best rating, five Doves.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Woman strikes man who is about to rob her, but when he sees she is in labor, he helps her; young man rushed to the hospital has blood on his hand; a couple is in a car crash and just the beginning of the crash is visible and audible.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between characters; police officer arrests fleeing man; man is in trouble for stealing a car; a couple argues; a woman experiences grief at the loss of her husband, and a young man grieves over the loss of his parents; a young man takes a woman's car to look for his sister, but he does return to her; a man weeps over his ill son; a depressed young man lies down on an empty street but doesn't stay there.


Company: Scotty Curlee Productions
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter