Coast Guard Florida – Season 1

DVD Release: April 15, 2015
Coast Guard Florida – Season 1


This dynamic, unpredictable environment sets the stage for emergency rescues on high-speed boats, intense drug busts along the Gulf Coast, and missions out on the open sea.

Dove Review

The Florida Coast Guard protects a million square miles in Florida from nature’s fury, drug smugglers and illegals entering the United States. These brave men and woman are trained for any situation that might arise. Whether they must retrieve contraband, save people from drowning in the sea, or help a person in a medical emergency, the Coast Guard is on call.

This courageous group of people put their lives at risk to save and protect. Each episode shows their everyday duties, training regimen and their interaction with the community. It also features conversations with the survivors, who express how appreciative they are for the Coast Guard members who show up just in time on their orange helicopter, boat or plane to help rescue people in times of danger.

If you or someone you know might be interested in the Coast Guard, this documentary is eye-opening. We are proud to award it the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12-plus, due to some intense situations and language.

Content Description

Sex: Couples kiss.
Language: OMG; H-1; Dumb A.s-2; Freakin' -1; Holy Crap-1; In a few instances, language has been censored.
Violence: Boat on fire; tropical storms; hurricane; domestic abuse on sailboat.
Drugs: People pick up bales of marijuana; man is drunk on his boat; freighter with illegal contraband.
Nudity: People in many different kinds of swimsuits; mild cleavage; shirtless men; two women in short shorts and crop tops.
Other: Dead body in the water; men with tattoos; man catching an alligator; man vomiting.


Company: Al Roker Entertainment
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 559 min.
Industry Rating: TV-G
Starring: The Coast Guard
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe