Secret Life of Dogs

DVD Release: July 5, 2016
Secret Life of Dogs


SUMMER’S SHADOW 102 min. All it took was a sweet, stray dog to change the life of 12-year-old Summer Larsen and those around her. Summer has a big heart and maturity beyond her years. And Shadow, named for always following her around, was destined to be her dog. But for how long? And at what price?

UGLY BENNY 99 min. We’ve all heard the saying “you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and perhaps nobody embodies the sage wisdom of that advice better than Benny. A fuzzy, frumpled, tiny ball of frazzled yarn with four paws and two sweet eyes peeking out, he has changed the lives of those around him.

DESIGNER PUPS 83 min. Young upcoming fashionista, Stacy Leiman, gets a rude awakening when she fails to land an internship under one of the city’s biggest fashion designers, Michel. But with the help of her fashion-forward dogs, Stella and Coco, she will get her big break and take over the runway.

BANDIT AND THE SAINTS OF DOGWOOD 81 min. Lenna, her furry best friend Bandit, and a few friends plan to pull a prank on the Principal the last day of school. The night of their dastardly deed, they cross paths with a gang of thieves and get caught. For punishment, they are sent to summer camp and it’ll take Bandit to help the kids escape and get back home.

Dove Review

SUMMER’S SHADOW: It is never easy being the new kid in town, but Summer is an innovative young girl. She has a heart of gold and gets along with almost everyone she meets. Her dad’s job has moved them around a lot and she just wants to stay in one place for a while. To complete her mission, she is trying to raise money to go to prep school in England and to do so she has her own business.

Summer makes new friends, the most important one a dog named Shadow. Together, along with other people around her, they become a pack like dogs do. But she must keep Shadow out of danger from the meddling women in the neighborhood with help from her friends who live nearby.

UGLY BENNY: Emma and Sam have been together since elementary school and have been married forever. With kind hearts and a love of animals, they run a quaint little pet store in Summerville. They have a routine every day as they open the store, and they know everyone in town. But things change when a cute/ugly little puppy is left at the store and becomes part of their family.

Benny, as they name the little dog, is a charmer and has qualities no one would expect in a dog. He makes friends easily and does unexpected things for people who frequent the store. The most important thing he does is chase a young boy named Alex into the store. There is something about Benny that knows the right thing to do in any moment.

DESIGNER PUPS: This is a captivating tale of the fashion world starring two little dogs who talk to each other and help their owner, an aspiring designer named Stacy. The pups, Coco and Stella, give their opinion on everything. When Stacy is given a way to break into the fashion industry, the pups help her pick out material and OK her clothing designs.

But Stacy learns quickly that the fashion world is competitive. When Coco and Stella are dognapped, Stacy has to decide if she wants to follow her dreams or let one of the other designers win so she can save her dogs. Stacy gets advice from friends and family to make the right decision. It is a charming movie for the entire family, with lessons about cheating and that doing the right thing is the winner’s way.

BANDIT AND THE SAINTS OF DOGWOOD: There is nothing better than a good treasure hunt! But in this movie the bad guys, along with the principal, are hunting for treasure and acting like a bunch of bumbling fools. The kids are accused of breaking into the school, so they’re sent to a camp that looks like a prison…and then there is the hilarious escape.

The fun and comedy begins when the two groups, good and bad, try to get the truth to come out about the events that have transpired. The kids, along with two furry friends, discover the real plot and change the outcome for everyone…but along the way they also learn a lot about each other.

This collection of movies about dogs is awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal for all ages

Content Description

Sex: Couples kiss; woman sits on man's lap in vehicle and talks about being single
Language: Name calling, such as idiot, moron, brats, fatso, stupid mutt
Violence: Woman has dog taken to pound; man hits himself in the head with pillow; dognapping;Robbers point gun at store clerk, store clerk shoots gun at robbers, but no one is hurt; breaking into a school; men with Billy clubs and handcuffs; boys bullying another, giving boys "wedgies"; Man with gun comes out of a cabin with gun; slapstick comedic violence;
Drugs: Medication given to dog;Boy mentions not having his medication
Nudity: Short skirt; mild cleavage; Big boys pulls young boys' pants down, but nothing shows;
Other: Man has heart attack on side of road; rude attitudes toward others and animals; woman tries to run neighborhood; dog gets sick; woman has a rude attitude toward others; boy steals milk but pays for it later; rudeness towards others; spying on competition; man with tattoo on neck; sending kids to a summer camp that is more like a prison


Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Writer: Various
Director: Various
Producer: Various
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 365 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Various
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe