Pup Star

DVD Release: August 30, 2016
Pup Star


From the creators of “Air Bud” and “Air Buddies” comes a brand new movie, “Pup Star!”
Welcome to a world where dogs can not only talk — they can SING! Tiny, a cute little Yorkie pup with a big voice, gets a chance to audition for the singing competition for dogs, “Pup Star.” After she earns a place in the finale, she’s suddenly dog-napped! But with the help of her new friend, Charlie, a retired rock-and-roller, she escapes.

Together they leave on an incredible journey through some of music’s most iconic cities. They meet Big Ears, a soulful Bassett Hound who teaches Tiny to belt out the blues; Murray, a spiritual shaggy dog who helps her find her inner rhythm; and Emily Rose, a country-singing shepherd who helps her learn to sing from her heart.

Most importantly, they all encourage Tiny to believe in herself and never give up on her dreams! Filled with all-new songs and the biggest cast of talking and singing canines ever assembled, “Pup Star” is an incredible family film filled with fun, music and heart.

Dove Review

“Pup Star” is a fun and charming family film for everyone, especially dog lovers. This film is about a talent show for dogs that sing and talk to humans.

Tiny has great singing talent, but does she have what it takes to win “Pup Star?” When a clumsy dog catcher gets her, she finds a way to escape with a dog named Charlie and learns a lot about music through Charlie’s canine friends. Most importantly, she wants to give tribute to her little girl.

This film offers plenty of laughs and lessons about family, friendships and following your dreams. “Pup Star” is a funtastic musical adventure for the whole family to enjoy. We are very proud to award “Pup Star” the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: OMG (just initials) used once; Butt-2; Geez-1; comment about being "dumber that you look"; Holy crab cakes-1-
Violence: Man is mean to dogs; dog is kidnapped twice; girl runs into a van that pulls in front of her, resulting in her breaking her arm; man falls into river; truck crashes into hay stack; a bounty hunter dog; pup tells man she will give him a "pup whoop butt."
Drugs: A hospital scene without prescription drugs.
Nudity: None
Other: Man lies to another man about dog; man says a prayer to the universe and offers blessings of karma; revenge.


Company: Air Bud Entertainment
Director: Robert Vince
Producer: Anna McRoberts
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe