Star Trek: Beyond

Theatrical Release: July 22, 2016
Star Trek: Beyond


The USS Enterprise crew explores the farthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.

Dove Review

“Star Trek: Beyond” is the third of the new movie installments (based on the original series), but the first not to be directed by J.J. Abrams. Although it is definitely an entertaining movie, Abrams’ absence shows. The movie features too many jerky scenes, with the camera shaking. Dark fight sequences are, to a great extent, pointless, and this film has several of them. On the other hand, it features a new ally to the crew of the Enterprise, an alien named Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), and she is strong and knowledgeable regarding the enemy that Kirk and company wind up battling. Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) get some of the best lines of the movie. Idris Elba makes a good enemy. He draws the crew of the Enterprise into his web, like a spider drawing a fly, and uses an unsuspecting Kirk as he appeals to his compassion to help by responding to an emergency call.

The movie starts a bit slowly but then is almost chaotic in its action sequences, with space scenes and fights a constant factor aboard a few different vessels. In addition, the crew deals with a nebula. The film also pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy, with his Ambassador Spock passing away, as well as mentioning the late Anton Yelchin during the credits. The themes of the film include friendship and loyalty. However, the language is excessive and contains a possible “GD,” preventing us from awarding this film a Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kisses; two men walk for a moment with arms around each other, and the scene implies they are a gay couple.
Language: G/MG-5; Lordy-1; Oh, my good Lord-1; H-11; D-5; Da*n it-4; Horse s*it-1; Ba*tards-3; Crap-1; One phrase that sounds like a GD.
Violence: A lot of fantasy violence, including battles of ships, some of which are destroyed; people are killed and pulled into space; metal-eating enemies destroy ships; a few characters have blood on their faces, but it is not gratuitous; fist fights; an alien woman disintegrates, and it looks like we see some blood just before she does; an alien corpse.
Drugs: Drinking in a few scenes and the mention of drinking; a toast.
Nudity: Quick scene of woman in short dress or nightgown.
Other: Tension between characters; a woman lied to draw a ship and its crew to aid in a so-called rescue mission.


Company: Paramount
Director: Justin Lin
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter