Nancy Drew – Season 1

DVD Release: March 8, 2016
Nancy Drew – Season 1


Nancy Drew, and young detective, moves to her new home in New York City, and finds new crimes to solve!

Dove Review

“Nancy Drew” originally was a set of books that was a classic of its time. This new series is set in more modern times featuring three girls, Nancy, Bess and Georgina (called George by her friends), who live in New York. In a few episodes, the girls, all friends from school, are joined by Nancy’s boyfriend Ned.

No matter where Nancy goes, she always finds a mystery to investigate. Whether she is in New York or France, she has to find out the truth of some mysterious event and solve the problem. Stories include: George seeing a Hollywood star on the roof of the building where he lives. Problem is, everyone assumed this star was dead; a storyline about the man that Nancy hit with her car when she came to New York; and another story involving her friend Bess, who thinks she is being followed by a man that did not like the advice that Bess wrote in her column. Even when the group goes to France they stumble into mysteries such as the deserted Ch√Ęteau where they got directions from a legendary ghost; Ned saving a model from being hit by a car; and another where Ned is mistakenly identified as a French man returning home to his family. It is never boring when Nancy is around with her inquisitive nature.

This is a very charming series of investigation and solving mysteries. At the end of some of the episodes, Nancy points out a lesson that was learned in that story. There are also lessons about friendship and helping others. We are proud to award the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages to Nancy Drew – Season 1.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kissing; young man is staying at girlfriend's apartment but they are never seen in bed together; one scene when he lies across bed by himself and falls asleep;
Language: OMG-3
Violence: Someone is following a young woman; man runs in front of car that hits him but does not injure him; car chases; men scamming people out of money for arranged marriages; pirating movies; girl races another cyclist who falls and is injured; a man is beat up; stolen diamonds and emeralds are hidden in a box; stolen money is falling off a rooftop; man shoots at another; people trespassing on other's property; someone has broken into man's apartment and art studio, trashed them and destroyed pictures; bomb attached to fax machine; men grab young man and threatens him by laying his head on railroad tracks when a train is coming;
Drugs: People drinking at a party; man taking herbs for anxiety; men smoking cigarettes;
Nudity: Mild cleavage; one scene looks as though Nancy is not wearing a bra under her blouse; young girl's midriff is showing; ;
Other: two comments regarding men committing suicide or wanting to; young lady picks the locks of many different places; helping a man get into country; young man is used to bringing stolen gems into country without him knowing it; stories about legendary ghosts; discussion regarding arranged marriages; lying about who you are.


Company: Nelvana International Limited
Director: Jon Cassar
Producer: Laura Phillips
Genre: Serials/Shorts
Runtime: 298 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Tracy Ryan (Nancy Drew), Joy Tanner (George Fayne)
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe