Elliot Moose – Season 1

DVD Release: November 9, 2010
Elliot Moose – Season 1


A moose learns important values of life while being with his friends.

Dove Review

“Elliot Moose – Season 1” is a wonderful kid’s show that focuses on important topics such as liking people, getting along with them, and sharing. Each episode has a few segments or parts, featuring both live-action and animation.

In episode 1, “Friends Helping Friends”, Mr. Lion (first name Leo) has a sore throat and cannot talk. He has to communicate with his hands, but communication is finally established. In the animated part, the lion loses his roar, and the live-action part features a theme of “help” and how important it is.

In episode 2, titled, “Friends Liking Friends”, Socks the monkey and Beaverton the beaver argue over who has the best tail. Lionel and Elliot pretend to argue to show Socks and Beaverton what it’s like when friends argue and the point is made. In the animated portion, King Lionel retires from being king of the jungle. When the queen makes outrageous demands, he comes out of retirement!

In episode 3, still titled “Friends Liking Friends”, Lionel has the “roaring hiccups”! The cure involves loving hugs. In the animated part, there is a special take on Cinderella.

In episode 4, about friends cooperating, all the characters play as they wish—with a car, boat, plane and train—but they get in each other’s way, so they combine their efforts and have fun. In another part of the episode, Elliot attempts to get a photo of the “Sockness” Monster! Elliot receives help from his friends in capturing the photo.

In episode 5, the gang takes an adventure to the North Pole. In another part of the episode, a few of our friends are trapped in the tower and the others go seek Drusilla Dragon to help them. And when something is wrong with Elliot’s trumpet, the rest of the gang look up the problem in the encyclopedia. Teamwork brings about the solution.

In episode 6, Elliot strikes out in the ball game, but with his friends’ advice, he finally gets a hit! In the animated part of the episode, a windmill is acting funny so Elliot and Socks (Sherlock and Watson) get on the case to solve it! And King Lionel loses his cape of courage while flying a kite on a windy day. How will he get his courage back? And a nice point is made that dreams can be scary but they are not real.

In episode 7, the gang pretends to climb a mountain and an adventure occurs with a dragon. A part of the episode focuses on the local playground and how one should play.

In episode 8, the characters argue over who is going to ride on the scooter first. The one who selects the shortest stick will go first, so the three each take bites out of their pretzel sticks! They finally laugh, all eat the rest of their sticks, and they apologize to each other. An animated part in the episode centers on space and a certain astronaut mouse. King Lionel tells his friends that friendship is more important than his crown.

In episode 9, the gang has fun preparing to get into a wading pool, but once they do, they realize they have forgotten something very important. In an animated segment, the gang sails near a volcano in search of bananas, and Lionel shows up as a clown.

In episode 10, it is raining out and Paisley is tired of being in the house. So Socks and Elliot cheer him up by making a play island in the house for him. The animated portion of the episode features a jungle adventure. And Drusilla Dragon believes no one likes her but soon finds out this isn’t true.

In episode 11, Elliot is sleepy and no matter what, Socks can’t wake him up. Socks blows horns, talks loudly, and keeps trying. When Socks finally gets him up, the next thing you know, Socks has fallen asleep! In the animated part of the episode, Elliot has problems with his wand and his magic but learns that things really do work out and that good things take time!

In episode 12, Lionel just wants to take a nap but Socks and Elliot keep inadvertently waking him up with interruptions. Finally, Lionel decides to join them! In the animation portion of the episode, a certain beaver lumberjack almost hits Elliot with a falling tree.

In episode 13, Elliot runs into his (cardboard) house and needs his house repaired. Beaverton offers to lend a hand, but Socks doesn’t want the help. A lesson is learned about accepting a helping hand. Some missing chalk on the last day of school needs a detective to find it. Also, who took Beaverton’s walnuts?

In episode 14, the theme is friends helping solve problems. Beaverton, Paisley and Socks only offer their guests what they each enjoy, and Elliot teaches them to think more about what the guests like. And someone is stealing Paisley’s popcorn stalks, but who?

In episode 15, Elliot feels bad when it appears everyone forgot his birthday, but he is in for a surprise. The gang also meets a friendly dragon and a treasure is waiting to be found.

In episode 16, Lionel has a hard time painting a picture of the gang because getting them to keep still is a challenge. Only through a little help can his goal be accomplished. And when the gang wants to play hopscotch and have a hopscotch board drawn up, they learn that their combined efforts will work best.

In episode 17, the gang works on Beaverton’s dam. Teamwork and gratefulness play a part in this episode, as does sharing—when the gang shares berries.

In episode 18, the group plays music together, with Elliot on bongos, and they learn that music really requires harmony. They enter a “Friends’ Song” contest. This episode focuses on the importance of friendship.

In episode 19, the group prepares for a trek into the woods. In an animated segment they are determined to make it to the top of Moose Mountain together. And Elliot learns a valuable lesson when he is determined to stay up all night but falls asleep on the teeter totter.

In episode 20, Socks has to play alone when Elliot doesn’t care to play. But Elliot helps Socks out when she pretends to be a sleeping princess and he kisses her to wake her up. And she is given a special friend award. In an animated segment, Elliot juggles during some outdoors fun. And Lionel shows patience when Elliot and Socks keep him awake while practicing music.

In episode 21, the theme is telling the truth. Amy and Beaverton ride a unicycle on a tightrope, and a few characters train for a space jump.

In episode 22, the group unifies in teamwork as they work on the Mighty Muscle Maker, an invention that requires more muscle from them than it offers to them. The theme of this episode is that two can be stronger than one. And in another episode, the group decides to share a hat, another good theme on sharing.

In episode 23, the focus is on learning from mistakes, and Socks does so after she eats too many bananas and gets a tummy ache. In another segment, Lionel and Elliot bake a pie, and they all agree that Elliot’s pie was fun to make but not to eat!

In episode 24, Socks lets a hot air balloon accidentally fly away, but Beaverton gives them another one, so they get a second chance to fly in one.

In episode 25, Socks and Elliot share an adventure, which is definitely better shared then experienced alone, and the animated segment focuses on making friends by being friendly.

Finally, in the last episode (26), the gang has a terrible time taking a photo of each other, with things happening such as Socks looking to the side when distracted and one, humorously, shows Elliot’s behind instead of the front of him. Lionel comes to the rescue to demonstrate that, once again, working together is always the best idea. And in the animated segment, Elliot plays detective again to learn what happened to the missing maple berries.

This delightful season set demonstrates themes of sharing, teamwork, forgiveness, and the importance of friendship. We are delighted to award it our Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages. Elliot Moose and his gang are great role models for your children!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A character throws boxes at another character in fun but it gets a little out of hand; a character swings hard into a tree but is okay.
Sex: Elliot kisses Socks.
Language: None.
Violence: A character throws boxes at another character in fun but it gets a little out of hand; a character swings hard into a tree but is okay.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: None.
Other: Some themes such as jealousy, envy, greed, and selfishness are portrayed, but the way one should be is always clearly demonstrated; in one scene, characters bite their pretzel sticks so as to win a contest by having the shortest one, but they soon laugh and forgive each other; an evil mouse steals popcorn stalks and is caught; some use of a wand and the mention of a few spells but nothing graphic or bad or scary is seen; a vase that grants wishes is used to save a character's friends; a character falls down several times and, in embarrassment, says she meant to fall down.


Company: Nelvana International Limited
Writer: Andrea Beck
Director: Steve Wright
Producer: Andrea Beck
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 572 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter