A Fairy’s Game

DVD Release: November 1, 2017
A Fairy’s Game


When Tyler and his little sister Jacq find a game in their Grandpa’s storage room, they unknowingly release a fairy who transports them to her world. A dark magic is trapped there, and the siblings will have to find a courage they never knew they had if they want to win the game and be granted their greatest wish. But, be careful the deals you make with fairies.

Dove Review

The magical world in A Fairy’s Game comes to life when an endearing tom-boy Jaq, played adoringly by Shiloh Nelson, and her brother Tyler, played with impressive physical comedy by Elijah Nelson, are transported on a mission to save the fairy Aeloo’s world and ultimately the human world, by retrieving a series of gemstones that are pieces to a puzzle; thereby, defeating a powerful warlock, the Dark One, who wishes to rule over all.

These siblings battle their own insecurities in the process by learning that facing fear is the only way through a particular struggle – running does not solve problems. They each have an opportunity to grow, as Jaq discovers her inborn strength and Tyler develops the confidence he needs to act heroically. These lessons do not happen in a vacuum but take place within relationship, and highlight the integrity of Jaq and Tyler. Though they both want to “do good,” they are each fearful in their own way. Jaq is small and a girl and, therefore, believes she is incompetent, and Tyler is confronted with evil behavior, but continues to back down and run away out of fear of weakness. He too has given into a sense of being substandard. They are both just children after all, which they consider the ultimate deficiency.

It is by recognizing the needs of others, however, as when Jaq sees that Tyler needs encouragement and support, and when Tyler sees he needs to step up in order to defend his little sister and win back what was stolen from her, that they both self-actualize and are able to move into heroic places where their goodness can truly shine. Jaq talks honestly with Tyler about how she sees him as a hero, and she always exhibits a spunky attitude in hopes of inspiring him. She ultimately faces her own fears by entering a dark and dangerous space alone to help Tyler save the day, and Tyler overcomes his inner obstacles by facing the Dark One and sacrificing himself in order to rescue someone dear to him.

This magical world provides the perfect opportunity for these lessons. As a result, there is a series of mishaps and continual adventures that keep the story charging forward with fun and convincing special effects similar to Harry Potter movies. The performances by these headliners are fresh and full of chemistry, as they work closely together to overcome obstacles and achieve what seems to be impossible. They discover a grave situation along the way, that only they can help combat, inspiring them to muster their fortitude and partake in the ultimate battle to achieve their goals.

Though magic prevails and a strong lesson that believing in oneself is that power needed to achieve, the lessons learned on this adventure help shape who Jaq and Tyler are and characterize their choices in their own world, leading them to succeed in ways they never imagined.

Content Description

Faith: No overt Christian message, but believing in good over evil in the spiritual dimension is stressed
Integrity: Main characters see a need in the other that they can fulfill; characters face and overcome their fears
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Magic is advanced in the vein of Harry Potter


Company: Nelson House
Director: Shawn Nelson
Producer: John Nelson
Genre: Family
Runtime: 111 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Shelley K