One Last Prayer

One Last Prayer


A hot-tempered father with a sordid past can’t afford treatment for his daughter’s cancer, he has two choices, the streets or faith.

Dove Review

What if you were one last prayer away from changing everything? This film answers that question with a faith-filled story of transformation and surrender.

David (Niles Rivers) is stressed, tired, and angry. He lives life on his own terms, drinking away his troubled past and struggling to keep his family together against mounting pressure. His wife Alexis (Jessica Craig) is hanging on by a thread, caring for daughter Olivia (Brianna Reed) and trying to hold together their unstable marriage. After receiving some unwelcome news, the family has a split reaction; mildly-religious David retreating into himself, Alexis and Olivia retreating deeper into their faith. After spending time with a men’s Bible study group, David opens himself up to Christ and turns to Him for help. But as the pressure begins to mount at work and at home, David is torn between God’s will and his own.

One Last Prayer is a fine film about surrender, choices, and faith. Like most of us, when facing trouble, David is wavering between God’s way of handling things and the temptation to handle it himself. As the story unfolds, we watch David and his whole family transform through their faith and reliance on Christ. This film is jam-packed with excellent models of Christian character, as well as lessons in pride, poor choices, kindness, prayer, and so much more. It stresses the importance of trusting God in every season of life, good or bad.

Although at times the acting may feel awkward or the storytelling spotty, this film shines in its interesting plot and the way it handles its subject matter. Viewers are easily able to connect with each character, and the film approaches each character’s circumstances and consequences tactfully. On top of its fantastic overt-faith message, there are so many special moments throughout the film which make it worth watching.

One Last Prayer is a relatable, thought-provoking film with substance and grace. We are pleased to award One Last Prayer the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: The plot revolves around how prayer changes a family's life.
Integrity: The main character has a significant positive character change; most of the characters are positive influences.
Sex: A man "checks out" another man's wife; a husband and wife kiss
Language: "He**" used twice
Violence: Pushing, shoving; two scenes involving altercation with a weapon
Drugs: A man drinks liquor; selling/using drugs is implied by a secondary character but not shown or mentioned by name.
Nudity: None
Other: A few characters are portrayed with poor integrity and not always in a positive light.


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Writer: Myron Davis
Director: Myron Davis
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Cammie H