The Real Power of Prayer



Devotional prayer is our solemn communion with God. It is an act of worship, contrition, praise, or thanksgiving. Whether preformed by sinners or saints, if it comes from the heart, the power of prayer may prove to be a powerful gift, indeed.

Dove Review

This series of six re-enacted vignettes in this hour-long show all have their own titles and are written, produced, and directed independently of one another, but each is introduced by Lee Majors. The focus is on the miracles that occur as a result of prayer and some of them are quite inspirational. The first two stories are fairly convincing as they are rooted in medical evidence; that is, they are about injuries and disease that were miraculously healed. The first is a powerful story of a man who becomes paralyzed and is 100 percent healed through prayer. The story is faith-building.

The show then moves into a powerful interview with a medical doctor, Larry Dossey, who was an agnostic but who witnessed multiple miracles over time and came to believe that it was prayer alone that was healing some of these patients. He began to do extensive research and ultimately wrote a book titled Healing Words. He firmly believes prayer should be prescribed to patients. He talks of one man who had advanced lung cancer with a life expectancy of six months but received no medical treatments, only prayer. When the man returned a year later, there was not a trace of cancer left. Dossey raises other convincing points about scientific studies that have been done on prayer—one found that lower life forms such as animals and plants can be affected, which debunks the idea that the results can be attributed to the power of the human mind.

The next four stories veer off from this line of thinking and begin to focus mainly on a small church in New Mexico whose foundational soil is believed to have healing powers and a Hispanic woman in California who can supposedly lay hands on and pray for people’s healing through power she has received as a direct result of visions of the Virgin Mary. These accounts do not seem as rooted in evidence that can be corroborated, and even a priest in one of these stories questions its validity. However, as Lee Majors says, this is all food for thought, as we approach the mystical phenomenon of prayer and seek to embrace the imminent love of God through faith.

This series leaves us with a couple of intriguing near-death experiences, which are always mysterious and inspiring. However, it does not offer a prescription for how to pray, but instead stresses to pray often and in faith and to have others praying as well. Many of the accounts directly relate healing to intercessory prayer. It is, indeed, uplifting to be reminded through these stories that God is sovereign and continues to perform miracles for his purposes and glory.

We are proud to award The Real Power of Prayer the Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

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Faith: Subject matter overtly faith-based
Violence: None
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Company: Unknown
Director: David McKenzie
Producer: David McKenzie
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 112 min.
Starring: Lee Majors
Reviewer: Shelley K