Silver Dollar Fish

Silver Dollar Fish


Hard times get harder for a farming family when an unexpected injury forces Jesse out of work. Facing financial crisis and mental anguish they ultimately realize that the only way they can make it is by standing together, encouraging one another, and keeping the faith as a family.

Dove Review

Silver Dollar Fish is a winner! It is a timeless story of hardship, faith, and overcoming obstacles. It is especially about loveā€”the love a man has for his wife and child and for God. All the actors hit the right notes. A hardworking farmer named Jesse Nelson (Rodney Wiseman) also does woodworking and fashions other products at a shop. He loves his son Davy (Blake Jenkins) but is hardly there for him, not to mention his wife Leala (Cami Jenkins). But he is quick to say to his son, “I love you, buddy.” His son wants to go fishing with him and finally Jesse makes the time to take him. Davy catches one and Jesse places a silver dollar in its mouth, and tells Davy he has caught the prize fish. It is a moment they treasure. Davy even tosses the fish back so someone else will be fortunate enough to catch it in the future.

When Jesse suffers a serious injury, he is off work for months; holding on to the family farm becomes a real challenge. Jesse wants to provide for his family but feels the frustration of falling seriously behind on the bills. In the woods, alone, he cries out to God, telling him he doesn’t know what to do. Along comes a stranger that asks Jesse for a drink of water. Jesse obliges him, and the stranger tells him that everything is going to be alright. He thanks him for the drink, calling him “Mr. Nelson.” When Jesse turns around in amazement to learn how the stranger knew his name, he is not there!

The movie finishes its story with a grown-up Davy visiting his folks, while bringing along his wife Gina and their son Luke. Jesse tells Davy he doesn’t think he was a good father. How does Davy respond? You will have to watch the movie to find out. This is a touching story with a wonderful soundtrack that is available as well, featuring several songs written by Rodney Wiseman (Jesse) himself. They include, Time With My Family, He’s Able, and Help Me Get Through in addition to others. The songs mesh well with the story and film.

This is a story families will relate to! Who hasn’t gone through hard times or felt like they were not spending enough time with their families? Or who hasn’t wondered why God has allowed something to happen that they didn’t understand? We are pleased to award the movie our Dove Family Approved Seal for ages 12+ due to the sophisticated themes of suffering and frustration. But many parents will enjoy sitting down with their children that are even a bit younger to watch the film with them. This film soars with spirit, heart and hope!

Content Description

Faith: Songs of faith and a man prays to God.
Integrity: A man works hard and tries to live right and treat his family well.
Sex: A husband and wife kiss each other on the hand or head.
Language: OMG-1
Violence: A man threatens another man's family; a man knocks another down with a stick; a man's wife uses a mop, pretending it is a shotgun, to threaten a man.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between a few characters; a man cries out to God in frustration.


Company: DDX Media
Director: Bob Denney
Genre: Family
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C