DVD Release: September 18, 2018


Journey along on a quest to an enchanted land of cute, friendly little trolls, fairies, elves and goblins to find a BIG adventure! Princess Cupcake and her brave friends must seek far and wide to find a good magic spell to help rescue their king from the wicked plans of a naughty troll and his dragon. If she can find the help she needs from a handful of magical creatures and answer their riddles, she just might save the Kingdom of the Wee Trolls!

Dove Review

Trolled is an ambitious animated wonder. It features good vs. evil characters, the redemption of a character, unforgettable personalities, and terrific voice work. The animation is remarkable as well.

Princess Cupcake (voiced by Tina M. Shuster) wants to explore new realms other than the kingdom, but her father King Basil, king of the trolls, wants to keep her close. It is obvious that the king and the princess love one another, but she feels he is preventing her from trying out her wings. The princess’s fairy godmother, Fairy Pie, helps keep an eye on her. Added to the plot is a goblin named Grunt (Hector Lopez) that wants to release the fire-breathing dragon, Scorch, on the land and eventually dispose of King Basil and rule in his place.

The plot thickens as we learn a good character named Leaf likes Princess Cupcake. One funny line has Bellyrumble telling Leaf that he should invite the princess to a lunch of moldy soup and rotten cheddar! (Yum yum.) A running theme has Bellyrumble thinking of food all the time, so he constantly desires snacks.

A few characters mention or use spells, but it is in a fantasy setting and nothing serious happens to the characters. At one point in the story, when Scorch is talking a lot, Grunt tells Scorch to “Keep your jaws shut and your fangs bared.” “How can I do both at the same time?” asks Scorch.

The animation is energetic and features a few beautiful scenes near the conclusion of the movie, including snow-capped mountains and vivid green trees. Despite the evil intention of some of the characters, the movie is tame and focuses on the rich and memorable characters. We award Trolled our Dove Approved All Ages seal. Your kids will love it!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Characters want to do the right thing and defend the kingdom against evil.
Sex: None
Language: OMG-1; Some name calling by a bad character such as "Pea Brain," "Stupid," "Dumb Goof," "Big Moronic Goof," and similar putdowns. It is stated the king is usually colorful with his language.
Violence: A dragon threatens to fry a character but he doesn't; a character wants a dragon to scorch others but he doesn't.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A character is kidnapped; tension between a few characters; a character cries when a relative is kidnapped; the mention of spells and dark magic but nothing graphic or over-the-top is shown regarding magic.


Company: WowNow Entertainment
Writer: BC Furtney
Director: Alex Sebastian
Genre: Family
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.