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Adams Testament

Adam, a young musician, had the perfect life until one day everything changed. His father, detective Joseph Gable, continues on a relentless path to save Adam's soul as angels and demons are disguised as humans. This ancient spiritual war between good and evil will test their faith as a dark stranger descends on modern day Toronto.
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Adams Testament is a gritty, captivating film that portrays the spiritual conflicts between good and evil. Lucifer is portrayed as a deceitful man whose eyes turn dark when he is being his most wicked and evil self. His demonic minions help him as he fights for the soul of a young musician named Adam, who was raised in church by his father, Joe, but has gone astray. Joe is doing his best to bring Adam back to the fold and to a relationship with God.

Adam’s mother died some years before, and her loss has left both Joe and Adam reeling. They continue to try to cope and live life without her. Adam blames God for his mother’s death, and it doesn’t help that his father drinks strong alcohol, despite his struggle to live for God. Adam tells his father, “Your book is a lie!” Yet Joe refuses to give up on his son because Adam once walked with God. The movie dramatically portrays the gripping battle that some face against the bottle, and there are a few scenes of explosive arguments between father and son.

There are wonderful themes woven throughout this film, including the idea that one doesn’t appreciate what one has, or certain people in one’s life, until the loss of that special someone. It is clearly revealed in the film that God is our true Friend and the One to turn to, especially when we most need a friend.

The symbolism of the angels and demons in this story, as well as Lucifer himself, compellingly illustrates the battle between good and evil; the use of red eyes, dark eyes, and strange-sounding voices dramatize the evil characters. The angels that help are portrayed as strong and ready to fight for those that they protect. The actors are powerful and effective in their roles. The movie ultimately offers the hope one has in God.

From Dove’s perspective, we wish to note the use of a few utterances of strong language, cigarette smoking, drinking, and the portrayal of Lucifer and demons by actors. The film dramatically showcases what real life can be like but points to God as the only true source of hope. The film earns our Dove Approval seal for Ages 12+

Dove Rating Details


Several scenes of angels fighting to protect people; the mention of God and attending church and the importance of the "Book"


A man is grabbed; a car is seen about to hit a woman but it is not shown.


A woman in a bar smiles seductively at a man, obviously there to tempt him, but it doesn't work; a scene in which a girl is about to kiss a young man but the kiss is not seen


A few uses of language including "He*l, and "Da*n"


A man is grabbed; a car is seen about to hit a woman but it is not shown.


Several drinking and bar scenes in the film; a few scenes of cigarette smoking


A few scenes of shirtless men; a girl is seen in shorts; cleavage


Tension between characters; a couple of characters have tattoos; a son talks disrespectfully to his father but changes by film's end; a man tap dances on another man's car, trying to intimidate him; red and dark eyes and deep voices are used to portray demons; death and grief

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