The Physical Risks of Abortion and Informed Consent: For a Teenage Girl and Her Physician

The Physical Risks of Abortion and Informed Consent: For a Teenage Girl and Her Physician


Everyone “knows” that abortion is a safe, fast, easy and relatively painless way to get on with life. But is it true? A teenage girl, along with her friends, research and compare the “truth” of the safety of abortion according to the internet vs. the actual-but-suppressed truth which has been proven by extensive medical research. Three leading pro-life physicians coupled with 3D animations reveal how dangerous an abortion really is to a woman and her future children. Also meet six women, post-abortion, who experienced the lasting health risks of their abortion including sterility, ectopic pregnancy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Informed Consent section explains that a physician is guilty of medical malpractice if the patient is not fully apprised of a procedure’s health risks. The documentary was written in careful cooperation with The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), through their director, Dr. Donna Harrison, to ensure accuracy.

Dove Review

Everything we do involves some risk, and to be forewarned is forearmed. So one would assume important medical procedures would come with detailed risk information. But when that procedure means high monetary profit—and power to a feminist movement—the explanation of risks are vacuous at best and downright lies at worst. Ironic that the feminist movement doesn’t demand women receive information crucial to their health. Aborting a baby is sold as a safe “quick fix,” a disposable inconvenience. The only thing quick is the money transfer to the provider’s bank account, while the post-abortive woman faces a lifetime of damage.

Writer and director B. Keith Neely brought us Wounded and Abandoned: The Emotional Risks of Abortion and is just as thorough with this documentary investigating the physical risks of abortion. Experts and clinicians explain their findings of physical repercussions of having an abortion. Survivors relate their personal experiences of the effects of abortion in their lives, some quite horrific. Each describes the lack of information with which they were forced to make a decision. They felt the abortion doctors, nurses and counselors deliberately downplayed and veiled the true and dire risks. Nothing was said of the risks of hemorrhaging, infertility, sepsis, pelvic inflammation disease, future ectopic pregnancies and proven links to breast cancer. Premature birth, cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorders in future children were certainly not on the abortion provider’s list of possible complications.

A very relevant aspect of the abortion industry is the process of getting informed consent. Neely’s documentary addresses the intentionally difficult legalese of an abortion consent form, designed not to be understood. A frightened, emotional young woman could barely find the line to sign much less understand the deliberately convoluted wording. According to one expert, “Doctors are guilty of malpractice if they don’t get an informed consent.” Keywords: malpractice, informed. This documentary will equip and enlighten. However, due to the subject matter of this film, it isn’t appropriate for younger children, and the Dove Foundation awards it the 12+ Seal.

The Dove take

Very little information is given to women by abortion providers regarding the physical risks and repercussions of having an abortion. This life-changing information is often hidden, and consent is dubiously extracted from prospective women.

What to talk about

The feminist movement not protecting women with relevant medical abortion information, the problems faced by future children of post-abortive women and the call to use malpractice suits against providers who don’t clearly inform of the risks.

Content Description

Faith: The film seeks to support the fight against the killing of babies created in God’simage.
Integrity: A central part of the film revolves around expert and tested clinical facts.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Intended to enhance understanding, a simple computer-generated image representating a cross-section of a uterus undergoing an abortion is shown but could be disturbing to some.


Company: B. Keith Neely/Wounded and Abandoned
Director: B. Keith Neely
Producer: B. Keith Neely
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 47 min.
Reviewer: Stephanie W.