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Approved for All Ages

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled

The Postables take a road trip in an old Winnebago in order to track down a small boy who they fear may have been kidnapped. The discovery of a 1980s-era instant camera and the unusual photographs it contains send our team on a wild ride across Colorado using the pictures as a guide.

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Dove Review

This is a very enjoyable movie to watch, the latest in this series of films about postal workers who solve mysteries surrounding items in the postal service’s dead letter office. In this particular case, a camera from the late 80s is discovered in the mail with a child’s inscription, saying he’s in a grey car, and to “Find me, Daddy” because he wants to go home. Featuring a very good cast, Eric Mabius stars as Oliver, the postal supervisor, along with Kristin Booth as his girlfriend, Shane, Crystal Lowe as Rita, along with Geoff Gustafson as her fiancé Norman. After developing the photos and finding some clues in them, the four take a trip to where they believe the camera was mailed. These would-be-detectives are good at what they do, as they learn the camera was actually mailed just three weeks earlier, from a hotel that had a “Memories of the 80s” class reunion, dating back to 1988. Using the clues from the photos, they have a good chance to find the boy with only three weeks having passed since he mailed it.

This is a mystery that will catch you up in the plot and in the lives of these likable characters. Why was the boy separated from his father? Was his mother the one driving the vehicle he was in? If so, why had she taken the boy away from his father? This is an intriguing movie that reveals all by film’s end.

The film does a good job in giving us interesting charactersthat provide ongoing relationships and subplots. Norman wants to marry Rita but he hesitates, struggling with whether or not to tell her. Why? And Shane keeps getting texts from an “Alex”, who states he still loves her. When Oliver sees this, he wonders who Alex is and if Shane still has feelings for him. Shane tells Oliver she needs a little time but will tell him all. When the four postal workers find people that knew the little boy and the woman he was with, they purposely mislead the team about where the woman and boy went. We learn more about these characters as the film progresses and why they misled the postal team. But these mysteries will keep you watching!

This is a well-rounded film that features not only fabulous and believable actors, it adds mystery sprinkled with some comedic moments along the way. For example, at one point Norman is outside with Rita and he is looking through his binoculars. “Did you know the Colorado red tail hawk can fly up to speeds of 120 MPH?” he asks. “No,” replies Rita. “Neither did that mouse!” says Norman.

The content is minimal in this film, which earns our Dove Approved for All Ages Seal. It probably wouldn’t interest young children, but it is a wholesome film which even includes a scene of the four main characters noticing the “Love Thy Neighbor” sign. And in another scene when they run out of clues, one character suggests, “We should pray.”

The Dove Take

This is a simple,yet powerful film that speaks out on the importance of love, forgiveness, and the need for honest communication—family-friendly all the way.

Dove Rating Details


A "We should pray" comment; a sign that says, "Love Thy Neighbor"; a man states there is a difference between faith and religion.




Two different couples share a brief kiss.










Tension between a few characters; a man trusted the wrong people, and it resulted in the loss of many people's pension; a few characters lie to protect others, but their intentions are good.

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